Interview with Chava Simon of Simon Balloons

Breathing Life into Balloons

 What made you go out and choose balloon sculpting as a career?
At the time, I was an English teacher and in order to help my students remember the material I had taught them, I used lots of different visual aids. I was always looking for new entertaining ways to teach the various English letters, sounds and words. I started looking for something exciting to do with my students and I had seen that balloons fascinate both children and adults. I discovered that my true passion was to entertain and put a smile on people’s faces, so I decided to take a course in balloon sculpting.

Aren’t balloons only for birthday parties?
Balloons can be used for almost every type of private or community event, including bar or bat mitzvas, chalakehs, brises, and of course, birthdays. Balloons are also great tools to incorporate into an educational framework, at school fairs, summer camps, ganim or tzaharonim. For example, every ganenet uses balloons for gan parties, and can benefit from knowing a few tricks of the trade to enhance the way they use balloons in their gan. It’s a novel concept, but everyone loves it and it’s a positive and colorful medium that educates through entertainment. I offer fun activities and workshops for families or groups, where I incorporate balloons into an activity or teach the basics of balloon sculpting.

What do participants most enjoy about your work?
I recently did a chalakeh party and the mother was absolutely thrilled. She said she was so happy that she had found something that all ages—baby, toddler, child, adolescent, adult and even pensioner—were able to enjoy. I’ve noticed that everyone leaves the event with something else! And the children are so happy to have a special, custom-made balloon of their own to take home.

Balloon sculpting sounds like lighthearted fun. Can anything go wrong?
An event planner once called me, frantic, that she had ordered balloons for an event but the balloons that had been delivered were the wrong color! She enlisted my help, and I had new arrangements in the right color ready for her within one hour.

Is there room for improvisation?
You definitely need to learn how to come up with last-minute creative solutions. Recently a client had ordered a big balloon arch for an event. The only problem was that we discovered too late that the hall had a very low ceiling and the dimensions of the arch wouldn’t work with that height. In the end, we created two balloon pillars instead, and they were beautiful.


Chava is available for all your balloon needs!  Contact her at 052-767-1819


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