More Than a Luxury: Interview with Spa Owner Tamar Tzach

After 12 years of working in retail, the company Tamar Tzach worked for closed down and she was out of a job. At the time, she was almost fifty years old, a married mother of four grown daughters, and had no idea what to do.

Tamar found a part-time job is a caretaker in the mornings, and in the evenings, she began studying medical pedicures. She started making home visits, carrying a suitcase, and some of her clients started asking if she could do facials, too. After collecting more and more skills and knowledge from various sources, she decided to start her own clinic.

Today, Tamar runs a full-service spa at two locations: the centrally-located Dan Panorama in Jerusalem and Yaarim Hotel in Maaleh HaChamisha. Treatments available include all types of massage: Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, medical and prenatal as well as hot stone therapy, body peeling, Ayurveda, massage for athletes and medical pedicures.

Tell us about your locations.
Yaarim Hotel near Mevaseret Zion is a beautiful place with lots of green and a spectacular view. There’s a heated, covered pool, a jacuzzi, dry and steam saunas and a fitness room. A client who comes for a massage can enjoy these facilities all day from 9am to 9pm.

The Dan Panorama is located in the heart of Jerusalem, and boasts an open pool on the 8th floor with a stunning view of the city.

Do you still do home visits?
Yes, with an added fee.

With so many types of treatments, how do you decide what to do with each patient?
Mostly, the therapists play it by ear. Almost all of them are trained in all the treatments we offer. So they ask the clients about their preferences, and adapt their treatment according to how the client’s body responds. Our bodies know how to express what they need, and a trained therapist knows how to listen.

Can you tell us a little about reflexology? Where did you study it, and what are the advantages?
Mind-body balance is not a cliché. A series of reflexology treatments can help you achieve that balance. It’s good for pregnant women and is known to help induce labor; it can help with digestive issues, cleansing waste from the body, or backaches; it does wonders for migraines… the list of benefits is very long. It can even help children with earaches. Why give antibiotics if reflexology can clear it up?

I attended Ridman College with the goal of enriching my knowledge regarding pedicures, but I ended up staying for more than two years to study reflexology in depth.

Which facial cosmetic products do you most recommend, and how often do you recommend getting a facial?
There are many opinions and many companies that proclaim that they’re the most successful. In my experience, Hava Zingboim’s products are excellent with proven results, and those are the ones I work with most. There’s another company that works with every major hotel chain in the world and I work with them as well. As for how often to get a facial, it depends on your skin type and your goals. Some women come once a month; some every six months.

Are spa treatments more beneficial for the body or the soul?
Some people come just for a pampering fun day, but honestly it’s a shame people think of it as a luxury. These treatments are preventative medicine and there is very little awareness about how important they are, both for the soul and for the body!

Who are your clients? Do you have any regulars?
My clients hail from all sectors of Israeli society and every age, including children. In general, I recommend bringing kids for treatments; it helps balance their systems, and can help with ADD. I have a grandson who plays soccer professionally and comes to me for treatments. One of my employees is a blind massage therapist who specializes in treating athletes.

Of course I have regular clients; we have a multiple-treatment option for returning customers. There’s an accountant who comes for 75 minutes every week, and there’s one client who first came with his wife to celebrate something, and told us that we were able to help with a pain in his heel that no doctor had managed to treat. So he comes every 10 days. There are professional athletes and trainers who come to us for regular maintenance treatments.

My massages are of course very helpful for backaches. Especially in my Jerusalem location, I have clients that conveniently pop in just for that and feel immediate relief.

What should a client know before coming to you for the first time?
That they should mention that it’s their first time and ask for an explanation about what will be done. There are those who want to know as much as they can, and those who prefer to trust the therapist. Either way, it’s important for the therapist to know.

Which treatment is most popular?
The hot stone therapy is most popular.

What do you love most about your work?
I love to hear clients say, “What did you do to me? That was the best massage I’ve ever had” or “Can I take you home with me?!”

Tamar Tzach runs full-service spas in two locations, the Dan Panorama in Jerusalem and the Yaarim Hotel in Maaleh Hachamisha. Tamar can be contacted at 02-644-6889 or 050-867-0752.

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