Interview with Moshe Feldman, owner of Pitzponim Baby Store






Keep Your Little Ones Happy with Pitzponim


How long has Pitzponim been in business?
Our store has been opened for about ten years, providing faithful and professional service to all our clients.

What kind of products do you carry?
Just about everything you need for a baby, except food, that is.

We have extremely broad selections of baby carriages, strollers, high chairs, car seats, infant carriers, baby baths, toys, pacifiers, bottles and lots, lots more. We have a really large area – 150 square meters of display, which provides our customers with lots of options plus a pleasurable shopping experience.

Which brands do you carry?
Today, the market is flooded with merchandise imported from all over the world. We try to work with the top brands that provide the best customer service and stand behind their products.  We carry Silver Cross, Baby Jogger, Greentom,  Mountain Buggy, Graco, Chicco and many others.

Most companies provide a full one year guarantee on their strollers and service afterwards. However Baby Jogger and Greentom provide lifetime guarantees on their products.

Do you carry children’s furniture too?
Of course.  We work with the veteran, reputable Segal baby furniture company . They have a large selection of infant cribs and changing tables.  They also manufacture wooden and plastic cradles and playpens.  In addition, we carry a full line of adorable child-size linens, fit for your little prince or princess.

How do you decide which stroller or carriage to recommend for your customers? 

Before, we recommend which model to buy, we try to evaluate what the personal requirements are for each customer. Only then will we guide the customer as to which choice is best for him.

Do you generally have the merchandise in stock?

We definitely have most of our merchandise in stock, especially the really popular items. The customer can either take it with him or have it delivered immediately. There are specific items that aren’t always in stock, but we try to have everything delivered within 14 days of purchase.

Does Pitzponim offer newborn package deals?  What are the advantages of these deals?

In contrast to the chains that offer newborn packages of specific items which include a carriage, crib and dresser which don’t necessarily fit the needs of the particular customer, we prefer that our customers choose the items that they want and that best suit their needs. We then give an overall discount on the entire ‘package’ they have chosen for themselves.

What are your store hours?

We’re open every weekday from 11 am until 1 pm. Sunday through Thursday nights, we are open from 7 until 10:30 pm when the Pitzponim are fast asleep.  We also have afternoon hours available by appointment.

In conclusion, what is the most fun thing about your store?

The best thing is that the customers that come to us are happy people. Children create happiness. We are happy to share our customers’ happy occasions and do our best to ensure them calm, quiet days and nights ahead.

02-999-5045 Ben Kisma 19, Bet Shemesh



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