Interview with Rivka Levy, author and energy medicine practitioner


 Rivka Levy is a certified energy medicine practitioner and emuna coach, widely-published journalist and author of six books about orthodox Jewish spirituality and holistic health, including: ‘Talk to God and Fix Your Health’.

How did you become interested in the field of alternative healing?
About eight years ago, I started suffering from a range of chronic health issues that Western medicine couldn’t resolve. I began to explore more of the links between body, mind and soul, which lead me to retrain in some of the scientifically-proven energy medicine disciplines.

Does every physical ailment have an underlying emotional component?
An important fact about human health is that it’s actually a very complicated affair. Most chronic physical ailments or auto-immune conditions definitely have a very strong emotional aspect to them – but that’s by no means the whole story. Ultimately, Hashem is behind every cough, cold and illness we have, and He’s using our sicknesses to get our attention in some way. Illness is a prompt to re-examine our lives, attitudes and behaviors, and to raise our game, in some way.

No-one else can do that for you, which is why when we go to so-called ‘experts’ for answers, we often come away with only partial solutions. In my writing, I explain how each of us can build their own personal relationship with Hashem to find the answers to these questions.

What contributes to real happiness in life?
When people know why they’re really alive, and they have a strong sense of purpose, that gives them a lot of innate strength and serenity, even when they’re going through a bad patch. Having a strong connection to Hashem is also a prerequisite for true happiness, because if the soul isn’t getting the spiritual sustenance it needs, then sooner or later we’re going to end up feeling empty, miserable and exhausted, even if we have an otherwise ‘perfect’ life.

Who are your books geared to?
My books are for people who want to tackle their mental and physical health issues on a deep, spiritual level, so they really resolve them at the root. They’re geared for anyone who’s fed up with a superficial approach to healthcare that tries to boil everything down to eating the wrong food or having chemical imbalances.

What about those who are wary of holistic and alternative medicine? Can not “believing” affect the results?
My books are for everyone, even the skeptics, because I wholeheartedly encourage people to be wary of every health approach out there, until they’ve thoroughly checked it out for themselves. There are a lot of vested interests and misinformation out there in both conventional and alternative healthcare.

I see my job as giving people the information they need to enable them to start asking the right questions, and to start connecting the dots for themselves, when it comes to their health. This is one area where information really is power, and I try to cover a lot of the bases in my books, so that the reader comes away with a much greater understanding of how health actually works, spiritually-speaking. Once they have that piece of the puzzle, then they can apply it any way they want, to any healing approach that speaks to them.

Can you give us a success story?
I can give you three!

  • Amy had been scheduled for emergency surgery to remove an infected cyst in her breast. After reading ‘How your emotions are making you sick’, she realized that she’d been super-stressed out about trying to nurse her new baby. She worked on freeing up the energy in the relevant meridians by using acupressure, and also started talking to God about her underlying anxiety about being a good mother. I kid you not – the cyst disappeared overnight, and the surgery was cancelled.
  • Miriam’s 8 month old went through a period of being extremely colicky and unsettled, which lasted for a couple of hours every night between 9-11 pm. Miriam had just read ‘Talk to God and Fix Your Health’, so she knew that 9-11 pm was Triple Warmer meridian time. She worked on sedating the baby’s Triple Warmer meridian using some of the techniques in the book, but also talked to God about her own deep-seated anxiety about a particular issue, that she realized was just being ‘mirrored’ at her, via her baby. After two days, her baby stopped waking at 9pm, and went back to sleeping through the night.
  • Baruch developed a serious, debilitating backache that kept him in bed for two days, unable to move. After reading ‘Talk to God and Fix Your Health’, he realized that his lower back pain was associated with his kidney meridian, which the book explains is associated with very deep seated feelings of fear, often connected to childhood trauma.

A couple of days before his backache showed up, Baruch had experienced a very difficult conversation with an emotionally-abusive parent. He realized that instead of processing his painful feelings about the conversation, he’d just tried to bury them – so they morphed into a painful backache he couldn’t ignore. He spent a couple of days talking to God about the issue, and his backache subsided.




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