All for the Smile: Interview with Dr. Gil Garalnick


Dr. Gil Garalnick is a graduate of the Leeds University Dental School and has been practicing since 1997. After a year of vocational training, he worked as an associate for three years, and then opened his own office, where he offers his patients all aspects of general dental care focusing on implants and aesthetic dentistry. 

What made you decide to become a dentist? 

Originally, I wanted to become a maxillofacial surgeon, but after finishing dental school, I decided that going through medical school would not work well with my plans to get married and start a family. So I went into general dentistry, and haven’t looked back. Over the years, I learned from experts in all disciplines of the field, focusing on aesthetic dentistry and implants. 

What do your patients particularly like about you? 

I try my utmost to approach my patients in a calm gentle manner, and to treat them as individuals with their own needs and sensitivities. I have special techniques to make injections as painless as possible. I have even had patients fall asleep during treatment! 

Who comes to you for treatment? 

I have treated patients ranging from three to 100 years of age, but in recent years. I’ve been focusing more on adult-based treatment of implants and reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry. I see people from all walks of life, mainly from the Beit Shemesh area, but also from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. 

How have technological advancements affected your practice? 

The latest advancements in dental technology often make treatments simpler and more predictable, with faster recovery and increased comfort. Implants can restore function and aesthetics where teeth are missing, as well as making loose dentures stable. With the many different types of implants and bone expansion techniques available today, this is more straightforward than in the past. New dental materials mean that you can have strong, natural-looking crowns and bridges. 

What do you think makes a good dentist? 

A good dentist is one who has a high rate of patient loyalty, that is, that patients enthusiastically refer family and friends. That means that patients are not only happy with their treatment, they’re eager to share their good experience with loved ones. 

With kuput cholim subsidizing treatment, why do you think it’s worth the extra expense to go to a dentist privately? 

Although treatment can be cheaper in the kupot in some cases—not always, when it comes to adult treatment—I believe that seeing the same dentist long-term and building trust while receiving high-quality, personalized care means that most patients prefer going to a private dental office.  My patients often mention how much they appreciate the gentle approach of all our staff members and the level of care and concern they receive from them. 

What do you find inspiring about your work? 

I find it inspiring to be able to diagnose and treat patients correctly, while making them feel at ease. Helping patients look and feel better is very rewarding and can even be life-changing for some patients 

The smiles and ‘thank you’ patients give me when leaving the office make me feel good about what I do. 

Any tips for maintaining optimal oral hygiene? 

I always encourage my patients to keep up good oral hygiene by offering three simple reminders – brush twice daily, floss most nights, and don’t snack between meals. Your teeth need a rest too! 


About Dr. Gil Garalnick  

Dr. Gil Garalnick has been serving the Beit Shemesh community for 12 years. He offers general, cosmetic and implant dentistry. His uncompromising professionalism and pleasant manner makes him one of the most sought after dentists in the area. 

To book an appointment or for  a free implant  consultation call: 02-992-4267 

Located at Park Center, 3rd floor, Ramat Beit Shemesh Alef 




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