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Givani Suits was founded 15 years ago in response to a lack of high-quality suits in the Israel market. Sourcing the highest standard of fabric and design from Europe, the business has attracted such distinguished customers such as musicians, actors, and members of Knesset. They expanded to Bnei Brak three years ago, and their Ramat Beit Shemesh branch is now celebrating its first anniversary.

Tell us about Givani suits.

Our suits are made of the highest quality and are manufactured in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ukraine and Turkey—we’re not fans of China. Every suit is wool-based, so we have 43-100% wool, and we use the highest standard of materials in the industry.

Do you carry other items? Certainly. We carry cufflinks—some are 14K gold plated and contain 100% genuine Swarovski crystals—ties, shirts, socks and belts. The shirts we carry at the moment are not produced by Givani, but we’re developing a line of shirts and socks that will hopefully be available by Rosh Hashana.

Who are your typical clients?

We’ve sold suits to musicians, actors, and diplomats from the Knesset. There are many grooms who come in, of course. But really, anyone who appreciates superior quality will come to us.

What type of suit is most practical for your clients?

There are so many different types of people with different needs, but typically the higher percentage of wool, the airier the suit will be and the better it will hold its shape. That makes it a multi-purpose, all-season type of suit. So if you’re going to invest in just one, I’d recommend going for the higher percentage of wool. Someone who wears a suit every day is probably going to need around 10 suits in his wardrobe. You’ll need fewer of them when you have one that’s more durable and will hold its shape better.

We sell a tremendous amount of suits to grooms, the suits are very classy. Typically they’ll take black, but even when it comes to black—there’s high quality and there’s higher quality. We believe that a groom should really feel like a king, and we know that they feel that way when they put on a Givani suit. We see their smiles and we get their hugs and thank yous.

What’s the verdict on washable suits?

Wash and wear has become a big pull for customers, and I understand why; they are definitely more cost-effective than frequent dry-cleaning trips. But something that consumers don’t consider is that a 100% wool suit does not—in fact, should not—be taken to the dry-cleaners for every small stain. You can clean 95% of stains by gently using a baby wipe or warm washcloth, and your suit will keep its shape and last longer.

The advantages of using high-quality wool far outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to machine-wash the suits. Additionally, there’s wool and there’s WOOL. Our suits are handwoven; they hold their shape better and crease less. It’s a whole different class of material.

Just another point, when you buy clothing in Israel there is no regulating body ensuring that the labels on clothing are accurate, so it may say it’s washable or that it contains a certain percentage of wool, but there’s no way to prove that’s true. So buyer beware, buy only from a reputable company where they know how their suits are manufactured.

What happens if a customer is unhappy with his purchase?

If it wasn’t altered, we will usually return 100% of their money. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

What do you see as the future of your company?

We plan to continue to study the trends and design the latest fashion in the most affordable way, to use high-class threads and fabrics and to continue to invest in the highest standard of customer service. We may open another store or two in the future, and we may develop more accessories of our own.

Any final thoughts?

Are there cheaper suits out there? Yes. Are there lower-quality, washable suits? Yes, and many of them are completely good suits that will give you a lot of value for your money. But if you’re looking for something of the absolute highest quality—come to Givani.

Arik Friedlander is the manager of the Beit Shemesh branch of Givani suits. Visit your local branch of Givani and experience the quality and service that has made Givani the most popular brand among Anglos for the last 16 years.

Ramat Beit Shemesh: Nachal Zavitan 2, 02-543-8414 Sun- Thurs: 5 PM- 8 PM or by appointment, 052-470-2081 Yerushalayim: Yaakov Meir 6, Geula, 02-538-6776 Bnei Brak: Rabbi Akiva 33, 03-578-0151

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