Taking the Trundle Bed Up a Level (or Four)

Comfort Furniture has been manufacturing high-riser trundle beds of the highest quality for 40 years. All their beds and mattresses are produced here in Israel, and they supply the finest furniture stores all over the country, where you can view and try out their products.

What are high-riser trundle beds?

A trundle bed is a bed that’s stored underneath a normal bed, which can be rolled out for use and
then rolled back under the bed for storage.
High-riser trundle beds on the other hand, can be raised to the height of a normal bed, and then collapsed back down and rolled under for storage.

What’s unique about Comfort Furniture beds?

First and foremost: the quality. Most bed manufacturers use flimsy fiberboard; we use solid beechwood, which is incredibly strong, and we paint with heavy-duty epoxy paint. Our sturdy iron frames are colored with electrostatic coating, which won’t peel or rust. Our bedsprings are made of tough stainless steel,
and we use the highest-quality, high-density blue foam orthopedic mattresses that are both supportive and flexible. They come with 100% cotton mattress covers that can be zipped open and easily removed for washing. Our beds are built for maximum comfort and durability, right down to the last details.
Comfort mattresses are the best beds in the world.
Secondly, we offer multiple-layer trundle beds of up to five beds in a single unit. This is an especially attractive option for families with many children who need somewhere to sleep. The beds can be pulled out at night so the kids can sleep in comfort, and then tucked away in the morning so there’s plenty of room
to play. Because the beds are so strong, they will last through many children. This feature makes us particularly popular with the religious population.

What options do you o”ffer?

We have several models of trundle beds, and they can all be made with two, three, or four levels. One of those levels can be a storage drawer instead of an extra bed. We stock combination bunk beds and trundle beds that can sleep up to five people.

Do you also manufacture beds for adults?

Of course. We o£er beds with thicker mattresses that are a perfect solution for guest rooms or young couples in small apartments. These are not your average lumpy guest beds or futons. They are extremely comfortable beds.

What are the pros and cons of bunk beds vs. trundle beds?
The advantage of a bunk bed is that you don’t need to move the beds around to make more space, and you can fit more people in one room. With the quadruple trundle bed, for instance, you still need to have enough floor space to fit four beds, but with two bunk beds, you only need half that space. The disadvantage of bunk beds is, of course, that someone needs to sleep on top, which may feel less comfortable or secure, and is not a popular option, especially among adults.
Comfort Furniture bunk beds are extremely sturdy and feature a safety rail.

Do you o”ffer a warranty?
We have a 10-year warranty—the only company in the country that o£ers this, to the best of our knowledge—and we expect our beds to last at least 30 years.

Do you off”er an option for a higher-quality mattress?
Our default mattresses are the highest quality available. We do offer lower-quality mattresses for a lower price.

What’s your approach to customer service?

We have an entire team devoted to customer service and distribution. Each customer service representative will build up a relationship with their client and give them fast and convenient service all over the country.

Comfort Furniture is an Israeli manufacturer that produces high-quality high-riser trundle beds.

For more information or to request a catalog, contact Comfort Furniture at 03-631-1221 or email m5781622@gmail.com.

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