Zabilo – Israel’s New eCommerce Market

In the footsteps of global ecommerce giant Amazon, Israel’s first ever multi-language ecommerce platform, Zabilo, is pioneering a revolution in online shopping for Israelis, and specifically for olim from English and French-speaking countries.

What is Zabilo and how did you begin?

Zabilo is a marketplace specializing in home appliances.  As longtime ecommerce consumers, my co-founders and I were disappointed, when we moved to Israel, to find out how far behind Israel is in this industry compared to cities like San Francisco, New York, Paris, Sydney, London, Hong Kong and Bangkok, where we had lived or visited.  The absence in Israel of large platforms like Amazon condemns Israelis to being at least ten years behind in their purchasing options.  Our love for Israel and our determination to improve the lifestyle here inspired us to develop an authentic ecommerce experience with Zabilo.

The ease of purchasing online with services such as Amazon, has dramatically transformed the shopping experience in other countries.  How are you planning to incorporate this phenomenon into the Israeli marketplace?

Like Amazon, our approach is “to start with the customer and work backwards.”  Zabilo’s number one rule is: “The shopping experience has to be greater than the item bought.”  It took time for Amazon to become the success it is today and it taught us the importance of placing the customer at the center.  Moreover, our childhoods in Paris taught us a certain “art-de-vivre.”  Israel is a country of immigrants, uniting people from all over the world under one flag.  As we olim adapt to Israeli infrastructures that are different from what we know in the USA or Europe, we also make an impact on the society around us.

What products do you sell?

We specialize in home appliances.  We provide our customers with a large range of: TV screens, washing machines, fridges, ACs, ovens, food processors and more.  We give thorough guidance by phone or chat explaining everything they need to know when buying a new item.

Where do you source your products?

Many top stores are excited about doing business on Zabilo.com.  This enables Zabilo.com to offer some of the best products available at the best market prices, while giving our own service in English, Hebrew or French.  We only sell products with the warranty of an official importers.  We put all our efforts into providing our customers with the service and respect they deserve.

How satisfied are your clients so far?

We are very proud to see on our Facebook Reviews that 99% of our customers report being “very satisfied” by Zabilo.com after our first two years of trade.  Any plans to expand your service? We’re ambitious and our goal is to create a service culture here in Israel.  To that end, we would like to offer everyone the chance to sell on Zabilo.  Our priority is to continue guaranteeing our customers a high level of service and fostering a long-term relationship with both our customers and suppliers.

Zabilo.com wishes Bizness Magazine readers a Shana Tova

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