Zooming in on 360dira’s Expansion

In the last issue, we covered 360dira’s innovative combination of real estate and virtual reality technology.To recap, 360dira provides a platform where real estate agents and homeowners can list their properties for interested parties to view. The 360dira team scans and maps the property; the potential buyer tours the property at home, using a computer or mobile device. The viewer can interact with a
virtual reality 3D tour or watch a pre-recorded tour and see it all the way through. The potential
buyer can also choose to use the “dollhouse” or “floor plan” aspect to zoom out and look at the property from above or rotate the 3D model in any direction and see an exact layout—a perspective that’s just not feasible in real life.

As you can imagine the concept can really gain ground in Israel as many buyers and renters begin their property search from a distance. In fact, in the relatively short time since its launch, 360dira had already attracted some big players in Israel’s real estate industry.
Large ReMax offices in major cities throughout Israel are rapidly putting up their properties on 360dira’s property platform. A number of veteran independent agents have also joined the 360dira team and are expanding their career via this unique portal.
We sat down with two agents who have recently joined the team, David Samuels and Trevor Stamelman.

What’s your background in the industry?
David: I pretty much grew up in the real estate industry; my father ran one of the biggest real estate and property management operations in San Francisco. Generally, I worked on the marketing and property management aspect. After making aliyah, I saw a Remax ad recruiting real estate agents. Remax is a great company striving to do things right; I enquired and accepted a position at Remax—it was a fantastic introduction to the Israeli property scene.
Trevor: I have worked in the real estate Industry for almost 16 years. For the first
five years, I worked at a top corporate brand in Johannesburg, South Africa, and after enjoying great success; I decided to open up my own agency. Stamelman Properties was a niche, boutique real estate agency catering to a predominantly Jewish market in the middle to upper class areas of Johannesburg.

Why did you join 360dira and what opportunities does it present?
David: When I heard about the possibility of virtual tours, I took it as a big step in the right direction towards transparency and responsibility. I love the honesty that comes with the concept: what you see is what you get.
I love the idea that people in the diaspora can search for an apartment that meets their needs before they come. A big part of our goal is to make aliyah easier and more user-friendly.
Indeed, in the short time since its launch, the platform has already helped agents in Israel sell property to buyers abroad. That saves $1000 on a plane ticket and valuable time for all parties—the buyer, seller and the agent too.

Sima Philips at Nadlan1, who specializes in the Sanhedria Murchevet area, is just one agent who has already been using the platform with great success.
Sima said: as a veteran real estate agent in the Jerusalem area, I can’t really say enough just how revolutionary this new experiential technology really is for my overseas buyers. With 360, I was able to send a full inside view that allowed the buyer to see the apartment, as if he was here. This is so
much more than real estate pictures; it gives the bigger picture and tells a better story.

Trevor: I really love the concept. It’s an all-in-one marketing solution that combines technology and real estate principles in one spectacular package. The high quality drone photography, drone imagery and advertising across social media is a priceless advantage for estate agents taking care of all their marketing needs on one platform, as well as private sellers and buyers.

How do you see real estate changing via 360dira’s exclusive services?
David: Instead of taking a comment or photo at face value, you can actually see what your messenger is trying to say and decide whether it is a deal breaker or not. Besides that, it gives people in the diaspora who want to buy or rent in Israel an opportunity to easily find an apartment before they come without any major “surprises”.
We are also working on offering virtual neighborhood tours. We hope to cover every neighborhood in Israel, which will give anyone visiting or considering aliyah a clear idea of what to expect. We’ll include perspectives like: work opportunities, shopping facilities, education options, family leisure options and much more. Until now people abroad could only dream of this kind of aliyah-encyclopedia.
I can see it benefitting people who live here and are thinking of relocating.
Trevor: The sector could change dramatically—and in the very near future; after all
Israeli real estate is a hot commodity. People have time constraints and real estate marketing needs to adapt to the buyers’ lives, not the other way around. We need to move forward and get the client where they are: digitally, virtually and socially. It may soon be the platform that rules them all for buyers,
sellers or real estate agents and there’s room for many other industry players to showcase their services.

There you have it, the talent at 360dira are embracing the change and advantage that technology can give them to progress and perfect the sector.

Are you an agent with a niche in a specific neighborhood and thinking about broadening your exposure? Expand your career by joining the team: 077-dira360 or 053-531- 3473.

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