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Is Your Business Missing Out by Not Utilizing Video?

By: Ahron Glazer

About four years ago, small brands with small marketing budgets decided to take on the big bad
world of advertising and create a new style of advertising with low cost and minimal budget videos.

This wave of simple, yet unbelievably clever, videos went very viral and sparked high viewership, higher engagement and soaring sales. Companies have since tried to follow this trend; many failed, but some succeeded. K-mart, for example, succeeded in creating a comeback with their hysterically viral video, “Ship my pants”, with more than 21 million views.

Today, if brands want to keep up, it’s no longer a matter of how; they need to consider video marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Since 2012, we have seen an influx of video making its debut in digital marketing, but now video is taking center stage for a few different reasons:

I. SEO – SEO is not just the description of videos anymore, but also text found within videos can be measured for keywords and tagging.

II. Visually appealing – Short and simple, people love watching stuff.

III. Story-telling – Video is a great way to express your story.

Now, in 2016, what are we expecting? The answer: Video.

YouTube is the most well known and most popular when it comes to video marketing, with a claim of having more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute. One of the main reasons why YouTube is so successful is because it’s owned by Google and included among top search results for brands and keywords associated with those brands.

Another popular video choice is Vimeo. Vimeo is great for more “professional” or artistic style
videos. In addition, Vimeo has easy access of understanding analytics of your video’s reach in order to track and understand your audience.

Other social platforms like Vine officially stepped on the scene in late 2012, but only within the last year or so started garnering popularity. People love using Vine as an outlet to display their oddities, unique talents and silly moments. However, the Viners who figured out how to tell stories in their six-second slots have found success and millions of fans and followers.
The reason why some popular Viners have over 10 million followers is due to their creative talent to share stories. The challenge brands will face in using a platform like Vine is being able to maintain their brand narrative, while telling a story, while promoting their brand. Not an easy task… but not impossible. Some brands that have found success using Vine include Starbucks and Chrysler, T-mobile, HP and others.

Regardless of your video choice, for brands looking to improve and upgrade their performance, the move must be made towards video. But don’t assume that just because you put yourself in the eyes and hands of millions on computers, smartphone screens or tablets, you will see success.

Brands still need to consider that when shooting your video, the art of video marketing is to:

Share your story
Engage with your followers and fans
Don’t lose what keeps you authentic

Being able to share your story in a powerful way, targeted to your audience, is the best form of
advertising a brand can promote. But a compelling story is only half the equation; the other half
comes with having a good marketing strategy to promote that video across digital marketing
platforms: social media channels, email marketing and PR efforts. Don’t underestimate the value of an optimized video, both within the video itself and the supporting content surrounding it.

Happy filming!

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