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It’s That Time of Year – Renewal, Spring, New Starts and…Pesach Cleaning!

In that spirit, we offer you – the Egert and Cohen Pesach Insurance Cleaning Manual!

1) Simplicity:
Are you like most people? Do you have “layers” of insurance policies — some from old places of employment, some from pesky telemarketing salesmen some from the “Old Country”, and even some from Egert and Cohen?

It’s always a good idea to get all your paperwork together and have your agent or financial advisor look it over. At Egert and Cohen we provide this service for a fee. We will study, advise and give you a written report.

2) Health Insurance:
For most, this is a confusing area. What does your Kupat Cholim give you (Adif, Si, Zahav, etc.) and what do the private insurance plans offer?

At Egert and Cohen we advise all our clients to purchase a basic private health policy that covers overseas operations, transplants and medicines not covered by your Kupah. The cost is reasonable, i.e. approximately eighty shekels a month for a family of three. This fills in the gaps of the Kupot Cholim coverage.

3) Mortgage Insurance:
Check with your agent to see that you have the best deal here for both life and property cover.

4) Travel Insurance:
Here I would davka not necessarily go for the cheapest cover! Travel insurance through your Kupat Cholim may be the cheapest, but if you have a claim, who will deal with it? At Egert and Cohen we personally deal with all your claims and our prices are competitive.(We can also insure you if you’re already at the airport and forgot!)

5) Motor Insurance:
This is probably the most competitive area of insurance in Israel today. It’s certainly worth comparing prices but at the same time think of the following scenario: It’s a rainy Jerusalem night and your car has broken down. Do you have an insurance agent who will personally and politely answer the phone and help you? It might be worth the extra few hundred shekels.

6) Claims:
In the past month alone, we have had three clients who “lost” expensive diamond rings, were paid out and then found the rings! (I’m not sure if this has to do with Pesach cleaning or not). Please check your own policy’s requirement for expensive rings — they usually have to be worn or in the safe.

7) Life Insurance:
For all those with U.S. policies, please get in writing from your U.S. insurance company that you are covered: a) in Israel and b) for active and passive warfare.
Your other option is to opt for a slightly more expensive Israeli policy,which covers all the realities of life in Israel.

We wish all of our friends and clients a Chag Kasher V’Sameach.


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