Back Pain? Reduce your risk with back fitness!


Back pain can strike at any age! It can debilitate, create mental fatigue, generate psychological angst and plenty of physical pain. People want to know what can be done about it: Are there solutions to my problem? Do I need to live like this forever? I can’t function, I am at my wits’ end, and nothing seems to work. It is very discouraging.

Proper back health is an often neglected part of most fitness programs. Often, muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders are built up while imbalances are created in other areas of the body. Over time, such asymmetry leads to misalignment and pains in areas of the body that are not fit to carry loads properly.

Amazingly, back pain affects millions of people. In the U.S., some statistics claim that more than eight out of ten people become affected by back pain at some point during their lives. Severity of back pain varies. Some back pain is chronic and never really goes away, some is severe, and some comes and goes without explanation. Sometimes one’s back is injured by impact, others lift a load improperly, and for others an abrupt, violent cough or just the act of picking up a pencil can do the trick. Ow! My back went out!

People seek different ways to find relief—often through medications or other various modalities in the medical field. Others look to reduce symptoms and further risk by implementing a supervised back health plan combining regular exercises with proper flexibility training.

An ounce of prevention can go a long way. You can reduce your risk by taking the proper steps towards back health through fitness. There are also exercises that can help one who suffers from back pain onto the road of recovery. Such a journey may include multiple endeavors to assist the process. In the end, most people who take this journey find proper back health exercises including maintaining a normal bodyweight, building up to weight bearing, conducting a proper flexibility program, doing specific water exercises, and obtaining proper guidance to be indispensable to maintaining back health.

Elite Fitness Israel will help walk you through the process in your own home and guide you towards back health through preventative exercises. We include back health as an integral part of an overall fitness program and will teach, supervise, and monitor the journey through private lessons and training. You will be able to do the things you like to do again with a healthy back and, G-d willing, even more activities as you progress and continue on a road of ongoing back health.

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