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The Time is Now!  A personal training must read in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond


In my previous articles “Personal Training 101” (Chagim 2015 issue) and “Exercise and Aging” (January 2016 issue), I discussed and presented information on fitness, health, getting started, and aging-related activity. In “Unconventional or Alternative Adjunct Training” (November 2015 issue) you were updated on various methods for training.

With the summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start – I mean today! The following will let you know how to make this happen.

One can start exercising at any age. The sooner you start, however, the sooner you can avoid problems typical to the older age brackets. As we age, problems become harder to deal with if not handled. It is easier to reverse degenerative-type development in our 50s and maintain good health into our 90s than to try to do it the other way round.

People ask themselves at certain points in their lives: should I start now to exercise and get healthy? I want to be able to do more things! Perhaps self-reflection has led to renewed passion and energy, or rehabilitating an injury has brought health into focus; or maybe just plain realism has set in. The desire to be active with children and grandchildren is also often a motivator. In any case, we find both individuals and couples suddenly waking up to the question, “If we don’t start now, when will we?”

There is no better time than NOW to start working towards increased fitness, health and vibrancy! But how do I start? I am insecure in my ability, my balance, stability and strength…?!

This is how! After an initial conversation on goals and objectives, I will design a personal plan that I will oversee, and I will arrive at your home to help you implement it. You will be challenged appropriately to adapt to new situations with new stimuli. If you lack confidence we will build confidence, which you will demonstrate over time with your actions and abilities. I will bring whatever equipment is necessary, or we can use your own special or favorite equipment, or even no equipment at all!

In the process of reaching your objectives I will assist you in becoming more independent and capable in strength-related activities, cardiovascular health/fitness, and muscular endurance, to help you get through the day.

If you are an athlete, we will develop programming to move you forward in running, strength, increased athletic performance or general fitness. If you are a senior seeking to become stronger, with better balance and stability, I will assist you in developing and demonstrating more confidence in movement and stability-related activity, and to increase movement patterns that will help your brain and body work together.

The rapport we will work to build will assist you in gaining new ground in multiple areas of endeavor, integrating increased mental, psychological and physical elements, to create a well-structured whole.

The first step is the hardest. You can’t finish what you don’t start. So let’s get the process moving forward right now. Let’s work together to prepare you for a life of quality, in health and wellness.


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