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Kfar Eden A New Affordable Anglo Community in the Burgeoning Negev

Brandishing a selfie-stick and toting a bottle of mineral water, today’s new olim step off their Aliyah flight onto Ben-Gurion’s tarmac, and stride proudly and effortlessly into the country. But settling in Israel with a home of your own is often an elusive dream. While housing in general is expensive, a 25% minimum cash equity (required by law) makes it very difficult for most to obtain a home. Even those who can scrape together the required 25%, soon learn that in reality it’s even higher with purchase tax, lawyers’ and brokers’ fees, air conditioning and other home systems, kitchen and bathroom fittings, appliances, and other extras.  

“The Jewish Right of Return is also the right to own a home in Israel,” says Dov Jakobs, marketing manager of the Kfar Eden project. “Kfar Eden, a new community in the Negev, will enable olim to afford a home in Israel with amazing amenities and quality of life” he asserts.  

Jakobs explains: “It’s natural for English-speaking olim to flock to existing Anglo strongholds such as Beit Shemesh, Modiin, Ra’anana or Efrat, but they often become disheartened with the high cost of housing. We’ve identified a region with enormous untapped potential and are developing a brand new project in one of Israel’s fastest-growing towns, Ofakim.” 

Kfar Eden is a meticulously-planned community that will include an incredible array of amenities, with 500 homes for sale. “For the first time in Israel, you can buy a home from as low as 695,000 NIS, with just 75,000 NIS as a down payment. Prices are all inclusive with a fully-fitted kitchen including premium-brand Bosch appliances, and inverter-technology air conditioning from Tadiran. And there’s more: Ofakim residents are eligible for tax-waivers. This can amount to 42,000 NIS a year in tax rebates, giving you even bigger savings in the long term.” 

From building quality and floor space, a Torah-centric community with Beit Midrash, Kollel, shiurim and various minyanim, a large community center, and a business center, Kfar Eden really does conjure scenes straight out of paradise. The planned sports facilities include a fitness center, two swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, a running track, and a baseball field. A petting zoo, mini golf, games room and numerous playgrounds have been allocated as children’s recreational areas. 

Jakobs senses and preempts an important question: “We’re using the WeWork model to launch a full-service business hub to give residents the option of working close to home in a comfortable, convenient setting with all the facilities of an office. Employment opportunities are also available in Ofakim itself and a short drive away in neighboring cities like Beer Sheva. There is also a direct train to Tel Aviv, making central Israel more accessible. Most residents of Ofakim are Masorati, Dati and Haredi, with excellent educational institutions for each sector, various synagogues, and reliable kashrut certification. 

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