So How Much Will It Cost Us?

In all parts of the home, but perhaps especially for designing the kitchen, preliminary budget planning is necessary. Almost all of us have a limited budget, and without taking that into consideration, we are liable to find ourselves planning and building castles (or kitchens) in the air, but getting stuck in the execution phase….

So it is very important to know what your budget is from the start and to plan how you will divide it between the various components of your kitchen.

Which factors affect your kitchen costs?

First and foremost the cabinets. They make up the lion’s share of the kitchen and their cost can range by hundreds of percent depending on the material they are made of, different types of coatings and, of course, their internal distribution. Removable drawers and shelves will dramatically raise the price in relation to plain shelves.

Appliances — there are also large price gaps here between the different brands. Brand-name ovens, for example, will be double or even triple the price of lesser-known ovens. Of course, it doesn’t always pay to buy the cheapest models; you should use discretion and choose a model that fits your budget as well as one that will last a long time.

Countertops — in this case, both the type of surface (priced by the meter) and its length affect the cost. Even if the price difference per meter isn’t great, when you multiply it by the number of meters you will need to cover, you will see a considerable difference. Pay attention: the more expensive countertop isn’t always higher quality or of stronger material. In many cases, these are new styles and fleeting trends that will cost you much more….

Sinks — there are a huge variety of sinks and faucets in different styles and of varying levels of quality. Here also, it’s important to pay attention: it’s not easy to replace a sink, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a good-quality product. However, if there’s no room in your budget for an amazing brand-name faucet, you should remember that a standard faucet will cost a quarter of the price of a high-end faucet and will do the exact same job anyway. Someday, when your budget allows for it, you’ll be able to replace it for a fancier one.

Good luck!!


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