Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

You’ve planned your new kitchen, sketched the cupboards to the last centimeter, and chosen the best materials, matching hardware, and the perfect color scheme. A moment before you send off the plans and order the work, stop and think:

Is the kitchen that you’ve planned safe?

The kitchen is, by nature, the center of the home. It’s a place where kids love to spend time, watching the goings-on and, of course, looking for yummy snacks… It’s important that the kitchen is safe for them. Little fingers caught in heavy drawers, a head bumping into the sharp corner of a table, burns caused by accidental spills from boiling pots – such scenarios are every parent’s nightmare.

By following some simple rules you can make your kitchen a safe space:

Ensure that sharp corners (edges of tables, marble work surfaces, etc.) are not located in central areas where you or your children will be walking and moving, but rather are out of the way. Place your breakfast nook off to a side.

Consider the handles you want to install. No matter how beautiful their design, you won’t be happy with them if hands are constantly being scratched or pierced by them. Choose handles that don’t have sharp edges.

Ensure that there is a distance of at least 60 cm between the sink and the stove, and between the stove and top cupboards.

The stove and oven should not be easily accessible to small children.

Place electrical appliances such as an oven or microwave no higher than eye level so that hot foods can be safely and conveniently removed from them.

Avoid placing the stove under a window: wind blowing in will fan a flame. (Besides, your window will end up constantly being sprayed with oily droplets …)

Install soft closing mechanisms in the drawers (or, alternatively, install locks that prevent small children from opening them).

A safe kitchen is a kitchen that the whole family can enjoy, without worries. Good luck!


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