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LEDs for Sale!


For those who have been following my articles about LED lighting you probably know by now that I am working with a manufacturer of commercial LED lighting for yeshivas and stores and offices. I have received many requests for home LED lights and in response to the repeated requests, I am making these high quality, long-life, fully-warrantied bulbs available for those who wish to purchase them for their homes. Below is a sample price list- the different bulbs may or may not require professional installation. There is a very large quality gap on the market and consumers are easily led to believe that a small LED recessed spot light that they paid 80 shekels for can last for six or seven years only to have them weaken, flash and burn out in six months or less. This is due to many factors, but leaving them on for hours on end, like many do over Shabbat, burns them out very quickly. The promised “30,000 hours” printed on the package is assuming you use them for four hours at a time. With the exception of a few that we have built specifically for home use, all of our bulbs were built to hold up under heavy use, more than 18 hours a day and the generous warranty assumes this is how they will be used.


I am more than happy to answer any inquiries about my products or LED lights in general. As someone who is involved in the business daily, I enjoy simply “talking shop” as I believe in my product and enjoy “enlightening” people about the subject.


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