Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor February 2017

Dear Readers,

We are coming to America – Who Do You Know???

One of the key elements for success in business is to maintain a constant flow of leads. Many people tell me in desperation, “I’ve contacted everyone I know,” or, “I’ve run out of leads.”

Most people never realize how many people they know until they commit their names to paper. This “name game” is a requirement in many industries. Sales people are often asked to write the names of everyone they know and every person who would recognize them if they called them up on the phone saying, “Hi, this is Sarah Lewis from…”

At this stage, do not consider need, interest or affordability. Do not write address or phone numbers. Just list names of anyone and everyone you can think of. Use your Shul list, your school class list, your children’s class list or even your wedding invitation list to get those names flowing. The index of the yellow pages is an extraordinary tool to help jog your memory.

Start with the letter “A,” and go category by category: Accountants – who do you know who is an accountant? Who do you know who works in an accounting office? Who do you know who is good with numbers? Who do you owe money to? If you do this task conscientiously with each listed category, you will have hundreds of names before you finish with the very first letter.

This is not a quick exercise. You must devote hours and even days to this important task. Although most of the people you note down will not be interested in your product or service, they will be an endless source of leads.

Get into the habit of NEVER ending a call or meeting without asking for three to five referrals. Committing to this process and learning to get referrals from every prospect is one of the best investments you can do for your business.

Now it’s my turn to “walk the talk.” Bizness Magazine is coming to America!

We are looking for a local partner in each city boasting a large Jewish population. This partner must be an energetic, responsible and charismatic sales professional who can relate to other professionals and small business owners.

So, WHO DO YOU KNOW? Do you have a parent, a sibling, a relative or a friend who could work with us to build a great local business? (I hear Bizness Magazine is offering a significant finder’s fee for any lead that turns into a partner!)

I look forward to receiving your referrals!

Ariel Topf

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