Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor August 2015

Happy Birthday




Dear Readers,

We are now entering our fifth year in business! One of our goals is to help olim in the difficult task of earning a parnasah in Eretz Israel. We are helping people grow their businesses in a way that they never saw before. This provides them with the stability to deal with all the other challenges related to establishing oneself in another country. This growth allows them to hire other olim who are much in need of jobs. The income that they generate gets spent in other businesses in the community generating a cycle of prosperity. In addition, it encourages other olim who witness their success and ultimately it motivates people from around the world to seriously consider making aliyah.

Another one of our important goals is to service the Anglo community as a whole by producing an attractive, interesting and easy to read magazine that is packed with valuable and credible information in almost every field provided by top professionals of our community.

This year, we successfully launched in Bet Shemesh a new magazine concept called the Bizness Mall. The Bizness Mall is a virtual mall on paper. Among other exciting features, this mall has its own currency and it’s full of stores and businesses offering their best deals in a new and creative way. To expand this exciting model throughout the country, we are currently interviewing entrepreneurs who want to succeed with us by owning and running their own mall in selected locations. Interested parties in Jerusalem and the rest of the country can contact us at mall@biznessmag.com.

Thanks to all advertisers and readers for making Bizness Magazine what’s possibly the most widely read English magazine in the country.

Wishing you a safe, peaceful and productive summer.

The Bizness Group

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