Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor January 2016


As published in the January 2016 printed edition of Bizness Magazine – Greater Jerusalem Area

Dear Readers,

It is with much excitement and enthusiasm that I write today. As you may have noticed already, especially if you have been a reader for the past five years, we strive to become better and better, with the ultimate goal of producing the best possible products. We really want you to have an outstanding experience when reading and learning from some of the most qualified and trusted professionals and business people in our community. It is for this reason that we have allocated significant time, effort and resources to build a brand new website for Bizness Magazine. The new website is a full reader-friendly platform that allows you comfortably to find and read all the articles featured in the printed edition and beyond. Articles can be liked and shared on all social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, with a single click.

The new Bizness Magazine website will allow you to read all articles from your computer at home, office, or when you are away, as well as from your tablet or smartphone. In addition, you will be able to search for all past articles and interviews from our Experts and other contributors. This will save you valuable time browsing through your Bizness Magazine collection at home and will tremendously alleviate our work at the office looking for and sending you the articles you request.

The new website and its sharing capability will allow our advertisers and contributors to benefit from an unprecedented exposure as their articles navigate across the world through the power of social media. Make a point of sharing as many articles as you like, as a way to express your hakarat hatov to our writers and contributors for their tremendous effort in writing the invaluable information you receive each month.

Readers will be able to switch to the website of the different national and international markets that we will launch soon, such as Raanana, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Toronto, London and many more.

We are confident that the new website and our social media strategy will catapult Bizness Magazine to the next level.

I invite you to visit our new website at www.biznessmagazine.com and to read, share and participate in our Bizness community by posting your valuable opinions, ideas and knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you there!


Ariel Topf
The Bizness Group

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