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Letter from the Editor November 2015


Dear Readers,

Let’s talk about a group of true champions. In addition to the obvious heroes of our Land, Anglo olim entrepreneurs and professionals are among my favorite ones. They leave the comfortable living in their countries abandoning a bright and promising career to make aliyah  many times to an unknown and inhospitable environment.

Once they succeed here they become an inspiration to Jews all over the world who fear making aliyah for financial considerations. They prove that business people and professionals can make it happen here in Israel.

But to succeed here in Israel is not that simple. Unfortunately Anglo olim are at a serious disadvantage. If they do not find the way to tap into the Anglo community they will most likely become part of the statistics of failures or they will continue to struggle every month, year after year for their survival.

It is just natural that Anglo entrepreneurs and professionals need to tap into the Anglo community in order to succeed and maximize their potential. They share similar culture, similar expectations of customer respect and service. Bizness Magazine provides the much needed medium to take their message directly to the homes of the Anglo community. Business Magazine was created i) to give entrepreneurs and professionals the platform they need to acquire instant respect and recognition as experts in their fields and ii) to provide the Anglo community with a high quality publication that they can rely on as their main source of general interest related information, leisure, and most important, a medium to get to know about reputable professionals and businesses in their region.

Our task should be to help these heroes earn a good parnassah in Eretz Israel. Supporting Anglo olim allows them to survive and to prosper. When they grow they hire other olim who are much in need of jobs. Part of the income that they generate gets spent in other Anglo businesses in the community, generating a cycle of prosperity. In addition, it encourages other olim who are witnessing their success, and ultimately, it motivates Jews from around the world to making aliyah themselves.

Our readers have an opportunity to read and learn from many Anglo businesses and professionals every month. We can directly participate and contribute to their success by calling them to thank them for their articles and ultimately by becoming their clients. They are among the real builders of our Land. True champions in their own right.

Have a safe and productive winter!

The Bizness Group

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