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A famous American celebrity with a signature big-hair blond wig, once said: “People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know. I’m never there.” Fortune Wigs is on the opposite end of that spectrum. More than just a sheitel macher or hair salon, Fortune Wigs is a wig and hair experience. By adding a personal touch to fine 100% genuine human-hair sheitels, they are constantly upping the ante – but not upping the costs – in the premium semi-custom sheitel industry. With client satisfaction as their top priority, Fortune Wigs offers clients luxurious wigs with a specialty in custom coloring, highlights, cutting and styling, together with personal attention, top-quality service and exclusive wig products.  

“Semi-custom sheitels are an affordable choice for many women. But our aim isn’t just successful retailing,” says Shaindel, Manager of Fortune Wigs in Israel. “We are a high-end salon that offers everything from ‘roots to ends’ including cutting, coloring, and styling services, quality human-hair products, hair salon services and specialty hairpieces.” 

Fortune Wigs, located on Betzalel Street, just off of Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street, welcomes clients into a sunny, contemporary salon. Regular clients are greeted by name and received with a big smile. A brand-new sign, designed by ceramic artist Chaya Ester Ort, is mounted above the entrance and sets the tone for the fresh, trendy spirit of the place. 


Shaindel is the colorful and creative force behind Fortune Wigs. Co-partner in the business, her extraordinary vision and golden hands are what make the salon exceptional. “Shaindel is a hair goddess,” says one client. Another calls her a “wig artist.” But Shaindel says that her passion for art and wish to make people happy and confident are the reasons she loves her work. “We understand how important beautiful hair is to women. Women want to look gorgeous and feel comfortable, and I can help them have this while expressing my creativity,” she says, beaming. 

 Shaindel is a professional cosmetologist with certification from Paul Mitchell the School, a prestigious cosmetology college in the US. She worked in one of the top fifty highest-grossing hair salons in North America, and in several leading salons in Jerusalem. She also has additional training from Diva Curl, which trains specifically in cutting, styling, and management of curly hair. “Curls are a challenge. Women who have curly hair or a curly sheitel would call that an understatement. But we meet the challenge with training and experience, and we are experts at managing curls and bringing them to life.” 

 When asked about collaboration between Fortune Wigs in the US and her own salon in Jerusalem, Shaindel says affectionately, “We share the same quality standards and warranty. Her husband Tzvi managed the New York salon as and worked in their head office for several years.” 

Fortune Wigs is breaking the glass ceiling in the ultra-Orthodox sector in particular, which has been dominated by sheitel macher-style services. “Trends in hair and wig styling from Europe and the US take longer to reach this sector,” explains Shaindel, “And many sheitel stylists are not professionally trained at the level we require of our staff. We bring to the religious market – literally –the latest cutting-edge techniques in real time with international standards for hair color, cutting and styling.” 

We’ve walked into many a salon in Jerusalem and other cities that have a high concentration of wig-wearers. Some have store-fronts and others work out of home. Some function only as a salon; others also sell sheitels. Shaindel’s salon has a display of wigs for sale but she explains that what Fortune Wigs offers clients is on a whole new level. “We work only with the best products and our training standards are uncompromising. We have long-standing relationships at all levels of the manufacturing and distribution chain who supply sheitels to our precise specifications. We have several hundred products in stock and we also offer full custom solutions.” 

Sheitel sales are Fortune Wigs’ main stock and trade, with an incredible inventory of styles and colors to suit every taste and any occasion. All Fortune Wigs are made of 100% real hair which can be cut and styled to a client’s specifications. The Mazali Collection is manufactured with fine-quality genuine hair which is minimally processed for color.. “Our sheitels come with extended warranties. Everything we do – from sales, through custom cut and color, to premium hair salon services – are part of our uncompromising customer-satisfaction credo. We’re not satisfied until our clients give us a definite thumbs up.” 

The newest wig product in store is an innovative hair-piece called the Aura Fall. “We’ve breathed new life into the classic hat fall. The Aura Fall can be worn as a hat fall, just bangs in front, or just hair at the back – also in a pony-tail. It’s revolutionary thanks to greater comfort and versatility, as well as a seamless, natural look.” The price is also reasonable, making this product accessible to more women. 

Scanning the salon as Shaindel turns her blow-dryer to a wig in-wait, we notice a diverse range of clientele. One client is relaxing with a towel around their shoulders, enjoying a hair-wash. Wigs line the walls and surfaces, either washed and prepped for Shaindel’s magic touch or waiting patiently for their owners to pick them up. “One of our goals was to open our hair-care services to women outside of the religious sector, so we chose not to limit ourselves to the sheitel market and to function as a full hair salon. This makes our work interesting, dynamic and fulfilling. ” With the same goal in mind, Fortune Wigs offers a range of hair-care services and products for the hair loss and hair-replacement market, which are available for both online and instore purchase. “These products offer a real solution for women who suffer from thinning hair and just need a filler. Our pieces can be clipped, glued, or taped to the head, depending on a client’s needs.” 

We step out onto the bustling thoroughfare street, and reflect on the interesting new niche introduced by Fortune Wigs. The combination of wigs and hair is refreshing and successful. “When a woman walks into a room, her stylist walks in with her,” Shaindel sees us off. “That’s why we take responsibility for our product and services and offer unheard-of warranties.” 

Shaindel says they’re open to expansion in future. “We’re working on perfecting our business model with the long-term goal of duplicating it in multiple locations, each of which need a manager with a broad knowledge of hair and wigs, and an entrepreneurial spirit.” From the looks of it, Fortune Wigs is a hair business that just keeps on growing. 

Fortune Wigs Ltd. Betzalel 48, Jerusalem, 02-372-1533 


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