May the Force Be With You — BIOFORCE


By Dr. Eliyahu Gherman, DDS

In popular culture, “the force” is an invisible power that a Jedi knight taps into in order to destroy evil. In the orthodontic world, Bioforce is an outstanding tangible innovation that has greatly improved the comfort, speed and results of orthodontic treatment.

What is Bioforce?

Bioforce is the first biologically correct, high-quality orthodontic wire introduced by the Dentsply GAC company. It has many advantages that make it superior to other standard orthodontic wires.

First, a little background on tooth movement: Orthodontic tooth movement is done by engaging successively increasing sizes of arch wires in braces that are bonded to your teeth.

Contrary to what you might think, it is actually the wire that moves the teeth, not the braces. The braces simply house the wire and transfer the force from the wire to the teeth.

Different bracket systems are designed to transfer the force of the wire to the teeth in slightly different ways. As we discussed in previous articles, an experienced orthodontist should be familiar with the subtle nuances of the different bracket systems and determine which bracket system is best suited for each individual situation. With all the different types of brackets on the market, it is easy to overlook the importance of the orthodontic wire itself.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

As orthodontists, we know that different patients need different treatment approaches.

For example, some patients need to be told only once to brush their teeth properly. They salute and then devote all their energy into making their teeth sparkle like the sun. Other patients require repeated lectures, begging and pleading, and many post-it notes stuck in various locations to remind them about the stick with the bristles that sits by the bathroom sink. Researchers have found that teeth require individualized approaches, too. Each type of tooth requires a different amount of force to move it in the fastest, healthiest and most ideal way. So, for example, while a lower incisor needs 80-100 grams of force, a molar needs 250-350 grams of force.

Why is a Bioforce wire better?

Bioforce wires are better because they are designed to deliver the correct amount of force to each tooth. In addition, Bioforce wires are temperature-sensitive, activated by the heat of the mouth. This makes them very gentle and comfortable when placed in the braces, as they are still very soft upon application. This feature also allows us to place a thicker wire at an earlier stage, thereby decreasing the amount of time you need to wear the braces—a very welcome result!

Finally, no matter how thick the wire or how much we need to deflect it, it will deliver the same gentle ideal force to each tooth.


Dr. Gherman has been creating beautiful smiles over the past 16 years. He received his dental training at New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Gherman was granted a special award by the American Association of Orthodontists for his achievements in helping to further the science of orthodontics. As an active member of the American Association of Orthodontists and numerous study clubs, he continuously stays up to date with all the latest technology

Dr. Gherman can be seen at two locations: Jerusalem: Rehavia Dental Center 15 Ibn Gevirol Rehavia, 02-561-9770, Gush Etzion: Harei Yehuda 18, Neve Daniel 02-999-5284,


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