The Enduring Beauty of Cars

Old cars are like old friends. They represent what was and what is. They are like beloved elder statesmen. Metaphorically speaking, they are wise from life experience and they have learned from adversity.

Cars are symbols of movement and momentum in one’s life. They can indicate how one is progressing towards their goal or if they are headed in the right direction.

While cars enable us to move from place to place and to experience new locales and new adventures, they also can remind us of times gone by. Now that I am older, I see vintage cars and trucks as a metaphor for aging. As I paint, it is as if the cars are speaking to me. “I am rusty but ready,” says one. Another says, “Do not judge me by my exterior.” Still another remarks, “Rust is good.”

When I look at old cars and trucks, I am reminded that being old conveys its own kind of beauty, not the conventional beauty of youth but the beauty of experience and wisdom. Being old also does not mean being boring. Being old can also be interesting and worthy of conversation. Old cars, as well as old people, are not irrelevant, even if they do not operate as efficiently as they did when they first came off the assembly line.

You are invited to visit my studio where you can see the beauty of the aged in my paintings of old cars. I will be having an open house in Beit Shemesh on Friday, August 26th, between 10:00-2:00. Please call for my address and directions.0 If this isn’t convenient, please call to arrange another time or I would be happy to bring some work to your home.

077-228-5757      052-595-9006

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