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Murphy’s Law: Busted!

I cannot say for sure that some version of Murphy’s Law exists in every culture, but there does seem to be this ubiquitous human phenomenon where things that could go wrong, seem always to go wrong at the worst possible moment. Why does the washing machine decide to flood the bathroom the day before the nine days begin? Why does the dud short out the house in the middle of a four-day rainstorm, or the oven short out on erev Pesach, or the central AC die two days into the two-week heat wave? It must be there is an evil force out there always cheering for my failure, who manages to ruin things right on schedule! Right?! Wrong. Brace yourselves, this might be earth shattering, but the answer may simply be as follows: the washing machine breaks at that moment because you’re preparing nine days of clean clothing for the family. The dud burns out at that moment because it’s being used constantly and it’s soaking wet outside. The oven shorts from six straight days of cooking for hours and hours and the AC goes kaput because it’s being taxed to its limit relentlessly during a massive heat-wave. It’s not divine retribution, only a machine responding to abnormally heavy use.

So now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about a solution. Every closet hinge, door lock, electrical outlet, appliance, window handle, triss strap, and bathtub drain, will begin to wear out over time and eventually need attention. What most people do is wait for something to break, which as I pointed out ‘always’ happens at the worst time, when you need it most, and there’s no one available to fix it; but there is another way.

A simple home inspection once a year can alleviate all this drama, assuming you’re willing to part with the said drama. A 50-point home inspection where the screws are tightened before they fall out, the AC is cleaned before it leaks all over the ceiling, the door handles are all oiled and cleaned to ensure smooth operation. The dud is checked for burnt wires and rotten thermostats, toilets checked for slow leaks, outlets for signs of wear and fatigue, dryers are cleaned, drains are cleared, and the owner can feel reassured that his home and investment are in tip-top shape.

But more than just preventing good ol’ Murphy from reappearing, treating one’s home to a yearly service will literally save thousands of shekels. Do you know why door handles fall off? Because when the locking mechanism is dried out, you have to tug on the handle with increasingly greater force until it falls off. How about closet drawers that fall apart? Because the screws loosen and when one falls they all fall like dominos. How about AC units? Why do they leak? Usually because the screens have not been cleaned, and often it’s been a decade since it had a real cleaning. AC units need to be cleaned? YES! Otherwise you are compromising the life of the machine, spending way more on electricity than need be, and breathing all kinds of mold spores, dust mites, and chemical residues that live and thrive inside the machines. The list goes on and on.

So now it’s up to you. You don’t have to be a victim of Murphy’s Law. Mr. Fix it Solutions offers a comprehensive home inspection service that finds and fixes future problems, leaving poor Murphy to search for another, less-prepared address.


Ari Katz

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