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Nursing Care : Siudit

One of the areas that we tend to avoid thinking about is Bituach Siudit/ Nursing Care. Maybe because we think it only happens to “old people” or maybe because we don’t really want to face the reality…. Whatever the case, we will now pull back the curtain on Bituach Siudit!


What is Nursing Care?
It’s the care a person receives after losing bodily or mental functioning (either fully or partially) as a result of accident, illness or mental condition.

The functions are: getting up/lying down; dressing/undressing; washing oneself/shaving; eating/drinking; control over bodily functions, walking.

What are you entitled to as an Israel citizen?

  • Bituach Leumi:
    Amount: between NIS 1,500 – NIS 2,600 per month (given as hours of home care – dependent on the level of functioning and financial situation of the patient).
  • Kupat Cholim:

As of June 1st, all the kupot have a standard policy (which means that one can move from one kupa to the other, without forfeiting any rights).

What is the policy?

Age of joining Home Care Institution
Up to 49 NIS 5,500 per month 80% of costs, up to NIS 10,000
Up to 59 NIS 4,500 per month 80% of costs, up to NIS 6,000
60+ NIS 3,500 80% of costs, up to NIS 4,000

These are the new policy rates. If you already have a nursing care policy, those conditions will apply.

Important points:

  • There is no maximum age for joining.
  • There is no waiting period.
  • Cost is according to age.
    Meuchedet Zahav:
    Kids (up to 18) – no cost

20- NIS 12.50 per month
30 – NIS 25 per month
40 – NIS 52 per month
50 – NIS 95 per month
60 – NIS 120 per month

  • Payment for maximum of five years.

Our words of advice: GET THIS COVER NOW!

Once you have this basic inexpensive cover, what will the real cost of nursing care be?

Home Care: approx. NIS 8,000 per month (NIS 96,000 per year).

(Breakdown: NIS 5,000 for a full–time helper; NIS 1,000 – food, travel; NIS 1,000 – medicine, sanitary supplies; NIS 1,000 substitute helper once a week)

Institution: Between NIS 10,000 – NIS 18,000 per month (for example: Ramat Efal – NIS 18,000 / Maccabi Residence – NIS 14,000 / Beit Avraham, Netanya –  NIS 10,000). Each institution has its own standard of care and of physical conditions.

The big question?  How do you cover the difference between the real cost and what you get from other sources (Kupat Cholim, pension, etc.)?

This is where your trusty insurance consultant steps in and offers a private policy to cover the short fall. Call us for more details.

Did you know?

On average, how many years does a person live as a Siudit case ?

Men over 65: 6 years

Women over 65: 8 years

*   *   *

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