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The axiom “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is very applicable to our homes. It is for more advantageous to constantly maintain our homes rather than ignoring things and waiting to deal with them when they break. At that point they have to be repaired or replaced at a much higher cost and with more hassle. This concept also applies to everything that is painted in our homes. In this article I will advise the readers of what to examine at each season.

Metal bars: This summer I had numerous requests for estimates to paint window bars (soragim), metal railings and gates. Some of these metal bars have rusted to the point where they were no longer structurally sound, and as a result it was not worth investing into painting them. Instead I advised these customers to call a welder to replace the rusted pieces and only then were they able to have them painted. Anti-rust paint generally lasts up to 8 years, therefore it is best to do this work before this time has passed. By waiting longer you may end up having rusty bars and incur the extra expense of having them repaired or replaced if they rust beyond the point where they can just be repainted.

Anti-rust paint can be used in all seasons except for the winter. Occasionally, we will paint window bars in the winter if the conditions are suitable and the forecast is free of rain. However, if at all possible, it is best to schedule this work for the summer.

Pergolas and Decks: Most of the damage to the wood of pergolas and decks occurs from the sun. Although rain is also hard on the wood, it is not nearly as serious as the damage from the sun, which actually dries up the wood. To prepare the wood for the winter and to prevent the wood from rotting, it is preferable to seal the pergola before the rainy season. Prior to Succot is generally a good time to do this as we often make use of our pergola as a frame of our Succah.

Stucco homes are often best to paint in the fall. Often spring is too soon after the winter and the walls are still damp. During the summer it is usually too hot to paint these areas as the heat will cause the paint to dry too quickly and not cure properly. Planning these projects for the fall allows for ideal weather conditions and will protect your home during the upcoming winter season.

The fall is also the time of year to check the seals around windows and doors. Often just a bit of silicone needs to be applied to prevent leaks that occur around the window frames.

Most of the damage to the paint in our homes comes from water damage. During the winter rain often leaks from the roof or through walls that are not properly sealed. Water can enter a house from the garden, or even from a balcony on any floor of a building. It is important to look around during the winter months to check for any leaks. It is not always possible to resolve these problems in the winter, but it is helpful to identify the sources then.

This is the season to assess any damage caused in the winter and deal with it. One of the biggest winter problems is mold. If you find mold growing on your walls in the winter there are ways to eliminate the problem. Mold problems can be dealt with even during the winter but the conditions have to be just right – not too cold and not too wet. If you did not have that opportunity in the winter, it is best to take care of it as soon as spring begins so that all the mold can be cleaned and prevented from reoccurring for the next 5 years.

All seasons:
We live in a time where paint has advanced to a point where we can paint the interior of our homes in any season. Years ago this was not the case, and the paint would take days or even weeks to dry when it was applied in the winter. Nowadays paint will dry within an hour even in the winter, making it possible to enjoy the freshly painted look any time of the year.

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