Restoring Responsibility

Towards the beginning of every Perkins One Brain session, we work on restoring responsibility, or ownership, of your pain and challenges. This is not the scolding that you may have heard throughout your life, such as “be responsible for your actions,” or “you brought this upon yourself.” The responsibility we practice is of an entirely different nature. It’s not unforgiving and angry.

Notice the word choice I used above. I wrote “restoring responsibility.” Why restoring? Because in the state you’re in now, you’re physically irresponsible for your emotions. This is why you’ve come for help. Our survival mechanisms, along with our behavioral patterns, take away our free will. We function on autopilot. This may have served us well in the past, but it’s not what we want anymore. So first, in order to start taking responsibility, you must understand that you have not been functioning from a place of choice.

If we have no choice over our reactions, and are not taking responsibility, then what are we doing? There are two methods in our toolbox. First of all, we tend to blame other people: “Because of him, I feel like this.” Second of all, we can become preoccupied with the “faults” of those around us instead of focusing on ourselves. These are natural human reactions, but we want to go above this.

During the restoration of responsibility, I ask who you blame for what you’re going through. I also ask who bothers you with their behavior. You tell me names of people in your life. I verify which one or ones are correct in accordance with muscle checking (as established in my previous articles). Once we define who’s blocking your responsibility, I use muscle checking again to locate the proper energy exercise to release this blockage. During this exercise, you talk about the people you blame or who bother you. The combined speaking and exercise release your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to start taking responsibility.

Once you’ve accepted the natural blame of others and have released it, you’ve now taken responsibility, or ownership, of your session’s issue. This is a positive step in the right direction. However, it’s just the beginning. Once you’ve regained your focus on your own actions and emotions, you’re ready to start making a change. This is the springboard for the rest of your session and the rest of your life.

Our method at Perkins One Brain is gentle. It’s logical that we haven’t taken responsibility. We shouldn’t be judged. This is how we, as humans, function and have learned to function. The first step is to be comfortable enough to stop denying our lack of responsibility. This can sometimes be scary. People will judge and hurt those who have not taken responsibility, or even those who admit to past failures. At Perkins One Brain, we provide a safe setting of acceptance, without judgment of your past; a place where you can start developing your responsibility and the life you want to lead. We are all equal and in this together.

Let us together take responsibility for our disconnection from ourselves. Let us accept that we were unable to do this in the past. Let us move forward together.




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