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Interview with Shmuel Zisovitch and Yechiel Dopelt of Property Point Management


What motivated you to open Property Point Management?

We recognized a strong need for services in the field that went beyond simply selling. We repeatedly saw people buying amazing investments or vacation homes and then finding themselves unhappy with the mediocre management services available to them. Property Point Management was created to rectify that.
We believe property management is a specialist profession. It demands attention to the smallest details, efficiency, in-depth understanding of the real estate market and its trends, local legal knowledge, basic building knowledge and the ability to resolve highly strung emotional situations.

With a network of friends and relatives in the area, why would someone need a managing agent for their Israeli property?
Theoretically friends can do what we do. But, like most things in life, there is a benefit to having someone who specializes in doing the job. For example, when your car has a flat tire or needs an oil change most people don’t think twice about taking it to a mechanic. Not because they can’t change the oil or tire, but because the mechanic has the necessary training, experience and equipment to correctly service your car.

Property management is similar in that regard. Do you have current knowledge of real estate trends to assess maximum rent? Experience in marketing a property? Are you able to screen potential tenants? Do you know what clauses to include in your lease? Is your nephew able to document the condition your tenant receives an apartment in so as wear and tear is differentiated from tenant neglect? What if your tenant unexpectedly loses their job and can’t pay rent? How do you manage with Israeli bureaucracy?

How do you help overseas investors?
Making an investment in the booming Israeli market is a smart move. It’s all about location and demand. For optimum financial return and peace of mind you need to hire a property manager who delivers more than just the promise of professional service. After meeting with you and absorbing your vision for your property, we dedicate ourselves to achieving your goals. We are your advocate, your eyes and ultimately YOU in a remote setting.

We offer a full maintenance and concierge service for vacation homes and classic property management services for investment properties.

What does this include?
Each management agreement is specifically tailored to the owner and the property. We investigate ways to improve the property and can oversee construction projects. We advertise the property, screen tenants, negotiate professional leases and document the property’s condition when the renter moves in and out. In addition, we collect deposits, rent, ensure utilities are paid and deal with the insurance company when a maintenance emergency occurs.

Maintenance is a huge advantage of hiring our company. Here in Israel reliable skilled technicians are surprisingly difficult to get a hold of, especially on erev chag. When handled by us, your maintenance will be efficiently dealt with by our team of professionals who offer reasonable prices due to the volume of business we give them.

Do you also work with properties in which the owners reside?
We offer a unique service — Property Home — answering the needs of busy homeowners who want home maintenance but just don’t have the time to find and contact, get quotes from and oversee service professionals. Or they just don’t speak the language. By signing up for this care package they have peace of mind knowing things will be taken care of and knowing how much the cost will be.

What does your company offer above others?
We think it is crucial to utilize our knowledge and experience to take care of your investments as if they were our own, tailoring our service to your individual property needs at the best possible rates. The filter for each decision made is… ‘What would I do if this was my property?’

We are exclusively dedicated to this and can confidently say we are the best you will find.




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