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I meet women on a regular basis who tell me that they have been working in the same job for years and really hate it. They are bored and feel unfulfilled. When I ask them why they stay, they always have plenty of reasons – “it’s convenient”; “the hours fit in with my kids’ schedules”; “they let me take off school holidays”. They are putting their children’s needs way above their own. Their own feelings of personal satisfaction in their jobs are way down on the list. It doesn’t have to be this way! Being a good mother can also be about showing a good example, by going after your dreams, enjoying a full and rich life, and feeling accomplished at work.

Dalia* was 37, had 4 children, and worked part time in a gan. She had worked there for 8 years, ever since her second child was in the gan. It had been good for the first few years, as she enjoyed the work, it was easy, local and the hours were great. For the last couple of years, however, Dalia had no longer enjoyed the work; she was bored and she had to force herself to go to work every morning. Her kids were now all in school and she wanted to do something different. She was desperate to change careers, but didn’t know where to start. She also felt petrified at the thought of going for anything new. She had only ever worked as a gannenet and felt she had no skills to offer a potential employer. The thought of going for a job interview was really terrifying, and she didn’t have self-confidence to do anything about it – so she gave me a call.

When I first met Dalia she didn’t know what kind of career she wanted. She only knew that she wanted a change – so we first started to work on trying to identify her skills and what she liked to do. This was really difficult for her, as she had forgotten what she herself enjoyed doing due to always putting her children first. She had to dig really deep, and try to remember who she was when she wasn’t a mother.

When Dalia began to acknowledge her skills, she began to feel a little more confident about exploring potential careers. She asked everyone she met what they did, and she discovered many different options of things she didn’t even know existed.

As she gained confidence, we worked on preparing for job interviews. This included relaxation exercises and role playing for job interviews.
Dalia didn’t get the first few jobs she applied for, and this again knocked her confidence, but we talked about how every successful person had to go through a number of failures before they became successful. She eventually got a job and gave up the work at the gan. She now tells me that she wakes up with a smile on her face and can’t believe that she stayed at the old job for so long.

If you, like Dalia, are feeling stuck, call me today for a free first consultation to see how we can make real changes in your life!

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* not her real name and all identifying features have been changed

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