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It’s such a wonderful feeling to begin the new year with a sense of renewal—inside and out. Dedicating some thought to the design and aesthetics of our home can help us start off the year with fresh energy.

I f you enjoy hosting, an outdoor pergola might be the perfect solution for you. The wood adds an earthy, retro aesthetic to the design of your yard, and having a covered area outside helps you remove the clutter from your home and allows you and your guests to enjoy the fresh air. You can even build a pergola that can be converted into a kosher succah, ensuring a sturdy, beautiful succah that’s a snap to set up every year. If you have a garden, adding even one single element can bring it up a level. You can up

grade your garden by adding wooden planters with colorful flowers, a decorative fence in a variety of colors, a little path or a fish pond. Just one small touch can make a big difference to the look and feel of your garden. Another change we recommend, this time inside the home—installing wood flooring in your shower. This gives the room a sophisticated look and makes every shower or bath a wonderful aesthetic experience: the comforting aroma of wood and the warm, earthy color create a tranquil atmosphere that transforms every shower into a vacation. Renewal is always a blessing, but it’s certainly a pleasure to make some refreshing changes in honor of the new year. Shana Tova from Element Omanut Ba’Etz.

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