Riding the Waves


If you would have asked me six years ago if I could imagine becoming a sea skipper, I would have cracked up. I was an accountant, in my late 30s and the mother of eight children; I was far from typical sailor material. But a chance phone call led me to a sailing course that changed the course of my life. It set me on a journey to became one of the few female skippers in Israel, as well as a qualified sailing instructor.

The course, which took place at the Via Maris Sailing School in Hertzliya, covered both the practical skills and the theoretical knowledge necessary for safe sailing.

As well as the subjects you would expect to study, such as navigation – including currents, map reading and route planning – and operating radios and motors, we also studied aerodynamics, which is the study of the properties of moving air, and basic meteorology.

We studied all the theory at the Marine Department of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and enjoyed many voyages in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean putting theory into practice.

Sailing can be as nourishing to the soul and psyche as the fresh water we drink is to our bodies. As well as helping us feel calm and relaxed, a voyage on the open seas is a great way to exercise and benefits the entire body. It uses all the muscles, especially the abdominals, which are really put to work when sailing.

As a sport, sailing is suitable for anyone above age 18 – and there’s no upper age limit. In fact, I have taught retirees in their late 80s who are on their second lease of life!


In early May, I will be opening a course in English which will be held in the Jerusalem area. This course will give successful participants a “Mashit 30” certificate, a Skipper’s License from the Ministry of Transport-Port Authority to sail ships weighing up to 24 meters long as well as motorboats of all sizes. The license also enables holders to sail or rent boats all over the world.

During the course, you will learn everything from getting to know the various systems of the ship (including the engine and pumps), coastal navigation, instrument navigation as well as a practical summarizing course that teaches you all you the hands-on skills you need for sailing.

Don’t worry. You are never alone. Each student is paired with a coordinator who will help with any theoretical or practical issues that arise and is available for support throughout the program. Students also have access to an online study portal for added study materials and supplementary lessons to prepare for the written exam.

The course, which will take place in Jerusalem and Hertzliya, is suitable for men and women aged 18 and above.

I am currently offering a special rate, but as the summer nears the price will rise. So register now and get ready to set sail.

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