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Save Money with Your Winter Heating

An air conditioning unit is the most effective means of heating your home in the winter. It is two or three times more efficient than other heating appliances and it warms quickly and safely. Here are 5 tips for making the best use of your a/c unit this winter and ensuring it runs as efficiently as possible. 

Ideal Temperature 

 The ideal room temperature is very much a personal choice but bear in mind that every additional degree of heat adds around 5-10% to your operating cost. The Israel Electric Company recommends aiming for an indoor temperature of 18-20 degrees. 

 Don’t Heat the Street! 

 Check that your home is well-insulated. Problems with sealing can be found not only in the roof and walls, but also in the windows and door frames, and this will result in energy loss. In some cases, simple faults can be corrected with a little resourcefulness by caulking around leaky windows and adding insulation around doors. In other cases, it may be worthwhile to hire a professional.  

 Use a Smart Thermostat 

 Smart thermostats adjust to save energy when you’re not home by regulating heating and cooling automatically. They can save you money in the long run and are easy to use. You can even adjust the settings remotely using an app on your phone. Some also work with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Wink, Google Home and other smart home platforms. Contact us for smart thermostat recommendations. 

 Clean the Filters 

 Most filters should be cleaned at least every two months. It’s especially important to clean the filters in the winter because dirty filters affect the heating function of a unit even more than they affect the cooling. Once the filters are a little clogged, the air conditioner has difficulty operating efficiently. After cleaning, remember to dry the filters for about half an hour, and never reinstall them while they are still wet.  

It is worthwhile to have your system professionally cleaned once a year. With a TzviAir home maintenance plan, you’ll lower your monthly energy costs and have a more efficient air conditioning system that will last longer. 

 Circulate Warm Air with a Fan  

 It might be winter, but turning on your ceiling fan can actually help save on heating costs! Set the fan to rotate in reverse (clockwise) and keep it at low or medium speed. It will then pull cool air up off the floor and push warm air down. This makes the room feel warmer so you can lower the thermostat temperature. You can even go high-tech and install smart ceiling fans that connect to an app. You can schedule these fans to turn on and off at appointed times, and you can control their speed via the app. 


 TzviAir is a leading Air Conditioning and Heating company. Their philosophy is that the client always comes first, and the combination of precision professional work together with first class aftercare has earned them thousands of satisfied customers.  

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