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There are many diverse shade solutions available today. The pergola is one such solution. Built of interconnecting wooden beams, it may be covered by a wide range of synthetic or natural materials. Pergolas are normally built to shade windows or the entrances to buildings and businesses.

By Netanel Buta
of Element Woodworks

One of the main reasons wooden pergolas are so popular, aside from the aesthetic aspect, is the cover they provide. A pergola built in a yard or on a patio can create a comfortable sitting area shielded from the sun where air can flow freely. In the winter, it can also provide protection from rain. There are many types of shade pergolas, and you can choose the type of roof that best suits your needs and tastes:
thermoplastic panels, wood, mashrabiyas, bamboo, and more.

You can also choose from a range of panel sizes in diverse types of woods. The most popular types are pine, pressure-treated wood, and cedar. Each has its own qualities that affect the final product’s beauty and durability.

Mashrabiya shades from pressure-treated eucalyptus wood are a current trend, and provide a decorative and innovative solution. When choosing a material for the shade, consider the visual aesthetic and the level
of permeability and obscurity you’re aiming for. A more impermeable surface will create darker shade, whereas lighter materials will let more light through. There’s nothing like sitting back with a hot or cold drink in the shade of a beautifully designed pergola.

Moshav Eshtaol

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