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A Perfect Job

Interview with Shaul Yisraeli of Shiputzei Yerushalayim

 What is your experience in the field?
I am have been in business for 28 years. In 1989 I took a course to become a certified electrician and, once I started working as an electrician, there was a natural progression to other related work since the electric job often crossed paths with other kinds of renovations.

What type of jobs do you do?
I do all different types of construction and renovations — plumbing, electricity, tiling, painting, aluminum, sheetrock, etc. We can do repairs and small building jobs of any type including enclosing porches and remodeling kitchens. I have many professionals who work with me including carpenters.

Can you tell us about a challenging project you recently completed?
I had a client who wanted to add a roof to his mirpeset, on the sixth floor … 20 meters up. He wanted to use paneling to enclose it, but I offered to build him a proper roof. He couldn’t believe it could be done up on the sixth floor, but in the end he got a real roof and was really happy.

Do you personally supervise all your jobs?
Although I am usually present at the worksite, I also need to go out for meetings, purchase supplies, etc. in order to keep the job going. To make sure my work comes out to the high standard that I set, I always keep my finger on the pulse — whether I am physically at the site or not.

How would your clients describe your style?
Very thorough — maybe even too thorough for some of them!

I am a perfectionist by nature, so it is obviously applied to my work as well. My clients are not always used to such a concept after their previous experiences with other contractors. In order to achieve the best results, there may be a delay once in a while so that I can order a specific piece or install something in the proper fashion. I try to reach the optimum in service and quality. I work with the client from the start, presenting different options for them to make their ideal choice, and then I do my utmost to create the perfect result. There a lot of contractors out there, but I will stay with my clients until the end, even if I lose out.

What’s the best way for someone to find a trustworthy contractor?
Personal recommendations are the way to go. Before hiring anyone, ask him for three references from jobs he’s recently completed. I personally will be happy to give you references from happy customers, for both small and large projects.

Have you found a difference in the expectations of your Anglo clients over the Israeli ones?
Definitely. By my English-speaking customers there is an emphasis on everything being exact; they want very professional work without compromise. Whereas some of my Israeli clients may want me to compromise on technique or material in favor of completing the project faster, my Anglo clients want nothing short of perfect. This is why I am a particularly good fit for the Anglo community.

What inspires you in your work?
Seeing the final result. To make something from nothing. Or to take something in poor condition and make it into something exemplary. Building is a form of art — just as a sculptor takes a lump of clay and creates a beautiful piece of pottery, I love to create a beautiful structure.






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