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A Total Willingness


In a previous article, I discussed the importance of restoring responsibility, or ownership, at the beginning of every Perkins One Brain Session. Now I am going to explain the step right before this. We need to make sure that you have “100% willingness to derive welfare from the session in all Five Bodies.” But what does this mean?

Total willingness to derive welfare from the session is your desire to actually benefit from the work that we do together. Whenever you come to a session, you have to want to come. It’s fine if someone recommends it, as long as you agree on your own. Even after you are already here, there are sometimes subconscious blockages that stop you from wanting to change, and consequently feel better. This is a logical way of trying to protect yourself, but in order to get the results that you consciously came for, we will release the subconscious blockages in order to make sure you are completely ready to benefit from our time together.

These subconscious blockages can take place in one or more of the Five “Bodies” we have, which is now referring to the second part of the sentence. One Brain works with the understanding that we are made up of Five Bodies: the Physical Body, the Mental Body, the Emotional Body, the Essential Body, and the “X-Factor” Body. In order to want to get better, we have to be at peace with all five of these bodies and to want to derive benefit in each one.

The Physical Body is the visible and material self. It is our responsibility to care for our physical needs and not to neglect ourselves. In order to be in a state of good health and choice, we have to first make sure that we are paying attention to the various needs of our physical body. If muscle checking reveals in your session that you don’t have 100% willingness to derive welfare in the Physical Body, you could be denying various needs, from food and sleep to physical affection, or even limiting right brain “female” energy or left brain “male” energy.

The Mental Body is your deep subconscious belief system. These “shoulds” or “have tos” are not always in congruence with who we truly are. If you don’t have 100% readiness to derive welfare in your Mental Body, it means that you are conflicted in your mind because your thoughts of who you should be are based on who you were taught to be, not on who you in fact are.

The Emotional Body is a guide for who we truly are. It coincides with my second article about each person’s unique structure and function. We all have different emotions and different needs. If you don’t have 100% willingness to derive welfare from this session in the Emotional Body, it means that in order to get better, you have to trust your instincts more.

The Essential Body is a different way of saying the spiritual body. “Essential” is used because in too many different cultures the word “spiritual” comes with different baggage. The question is if you are expressing yourself completely in the present in the way you would like. If you don’t have 100% willingness to derive welfare in the Essential Body, then you need to work on being aware in the present moment of the choices and options that you have.

The “X-Factor” Body has to do with the things that we show people about ourselves, which aren’t actually our true selves, in order to shield or protect ourselves from negative experiences. Everyone has a different source, or combination of sources, they use as shields, from pets to television to mythology to other people. When people meet us they meet these energies, thinking that these energies reflect who we actually are, but this reflection is not who we truly are. If you don’t have 100% willingness to derive welfare in the “X-Factor” Body it is time to show your true self.

During a session, when the muscle shows a blockage in at least one of these five “Bodies,” an energy exercise will be used in order to reach total willingness to benefit from the session. Once we establish this, you are ready to move toward making a change and we will proceed.


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