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Behind Perkins One Brain

Our first three articles have outlined some of the work we do at Perkins One Brain, but now we would like to give you the opportunity to learn about someone’s first-hand experience with us.

Please give us a brief explanation of yourself.
I am a 31-year-old male. I’m a young professional who is quite spiritual but, at the same time, I like to stay grounded.

How did you find out about Perkins One Brain?
I saw an advertisement in a Facebook group.

Was this the first type of alternative stress relief that you have tried? If not, how does it differ than others?
 I had done a little meditation here and there and was looking into different treatment methods to help with a serious issue that I was dealing with at the time. But once I started the Perkins One Brain program, there was no going back. Shlomo helped me and empowered me to deal with the underlying issues of the stress.

What about traditional forms of psychological treatment? Have you tried them before? If so, what are the differences between this and Perkins One Brain?
Before Perkins One Brain, I started going to an experienced hypnotherapist who had written a book. I was shocked at the number of sessions required to start really delving into the problem. However with Perkins One Brain we started exploring the issue right away.

Do you feel safe to share things at Perkins One Brain?
Yes. I don’t feel that I’m being lectured at or told how to think, feel and act. And I feel accepted for who I am. I have been given the space to make my own decisions. Once the stress and fear of decision making went away, I felt free to come up with my own conclusions with which I am satisfied. And I am pleased that I am able to make them myself.

What positive results and progress have you experienced? What prompts you to come back to Perkins One Brain when stress crops up?
I like Shlomo’s attitude and friendliness. I feel that he treats me like a real person rather than just another “case”. He cares about helping me deal with my issues and move beyond them. He has helped me move into a new and fantastic period of my life. This treatment deals right away with the SOLUTIONS to the issue whereas the other therapist dwelled on the problem for a long time.

At Perkins One Brain we also offer sessions via Skype. Instead of the facilitator checking the client’s muscle, the facilitator checks his own muscle. This is actually not a One Brain practice but rather something adopted from other types of alternative methods. Having experienced both face-to-face sessions as well as muscle testing from afar, how would you describe the difference?

So far I don’t feel a difference. Obviously I have to use my hands more as opposed to Shlomo doing exercises on me, but I continue to work on issues as I did before and am receiving the same results. Results which, if I were to put it in a few short words, I would describe as Emotional Self-Empowerment.
What made you continue from afar after you moved as opposed to finding a face-to-face facilitator in your area?
I was happy with the therapy and once I find a good thing, I don’t want to change it.

Perkins One Brain provides sessions for very reasonable rates. How does this benefit you?
 This has given me the opportunity to do more sessions. I’ve discovered that this puts me in the mindset of ‘I need to work on this problem or issue,’ as opposed to feeling with higher-priced treatment, ‘why do I have to have this problem,’ and then either painfully brooding on it or sweeping it under the rug.

Would you recommend Perkins One Brain to others?
I have and will continue to recommend it. My friends to whom I’ve referred this method of treatment have been very satisfied with their experience.



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