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So How Does Your Painter’s Home Look?

By Nachum Eilberg

Ever wonder what your painter’s home looks like? Is he like the shoemaker’s kids that have no shoes, or does he actually put effort into his own home?
When we first made aliyah 11 years ago, we rented a home we thought we would be in for just one year. Obviously, we thought we could live with the white sid on the walls for 52 weeks. Well, the one-year rental stretched to a second year, and again we decided to put off doing any painting. When the rental was extended to a third year, we decided it was time to paint. Not wanting to invest too much in a rental, I waited to have some left over paint from various jobs to use on my home. This was our third year in Israel, and a time when my schedule was not full. I had a few days per month without work scheduled, and took advantage of that to paint one room at a time. We were living in a two-story home, 200 meters, and over a period of several months I managed to paint the house.
We were fortunate to buy a home in Jerusalem after living here for five years. The apartment we moved to was in a new neighborhood. As with all new construction (I have written about this in a previous Bizness column), it is best not to invest too much in painting the first two years, allowing time for the building to settle. When the new construction stage ended, it was time to paint. Fortunately, we were too busy with work (like the shoemaker), and had no time.
Over the years, Walls R Us Painting has had the fortune of growing to a point where we are five people working full time without a break in our schedule, and as a result another year passed and we were still living with the original sid on the walls.
All that changed two years ago on Chanukah. I received a call from a customer where we were due to start a week-long job that morning, asking to reschedule her job. They were recent olim and had no idea there was no school over Chanukah. She was in a panic that the painting was about to begin and her five children were going to be home. I assured her it was not a problem and immediately decided not to schedule something else, but to work on my own home.
Having this full week gave me and my staff a great start, but it was not enough time to finish. It did give me the push I needed and the desire to keep going. So, over the next few months we found the time needed to finish up.
For the past two years we have enjoyed our painted home. This time all the colors were ones we chose. We have numerous faux finishes, for example Venetian plaster in the living room, velvet in a bathroom, rooms with stencils, circles, stripes, and murals. Even the laundry room was given attention and has four different colors to make that task as cheerful as possible. We have a mural surrounding our zecher l’churban, a mural in the background where our Shabbat candles are lit, which includes “candles” on which our family’s names are painted, as well as a mural of the Toronto skyline where my wife and I got engaged 27 years ago.
We installed crown moldings, which add a tremendous amount to the room. This is something I certainly suggest to customers, but not something we offer. Installing crown moldings takes precision and expertise, and we prefer to refer you to someone who does this regularly.
I have tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment from the work in my own home. Some of my customers even had the opportunity to come to our home to see examples of our work.

Nachum Eilberg of Walls R Us Painting, will be happy to answer any painting related questions. Please submit questions to and perhaps your question will be published in a future issue. Nachum of “Walls R Us Painting” can also be reached at 052-611-9500 or by visiting the company website at:

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