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What is custom software and why is there a need for it?
Businesses already have software to manage some of the daily workflow – like e-mail, calendars, task lists, financial records, bill pay, and many others. You want these tools to ease the burden of your work, but often, there are too many systems and they are too complicated. In fact, I guarantee you that every business you know has problems with their software!  With custom software, we design a single system tailored for all of your business’s unique needs. That eliminates unneeded complexity.

 Every business I know? What sort of problems do they have?
Effective software provides the tools to accomplish your job without getting in your way. When you use many programs and they don’t communicate with each other well, you end up spending as much time managing your software as doing your job. Think of it like a cramped kitchen where you have to move a pot out of the way every time you reach for a knife. That’s what can happen when software does not effectively meet your needs – even though you frequently struggle to get things done, you may stick with a broken system because you don’t know of a better option.

Can you give us an example?
Sure! You know those big oil drilling pumps you see along the sides of highway? When they break, the oil field owners replace them immediately and send the old ones to a repair shop for servicing. One of those repair shops contacted us with a problem – their customers (the oil field tycoons) wanted to see reports summarizing their pump history. They wanted to know what pumps broke the most, why they broke, how much repairs cost on average, how much downtime they had, and a whole lot of other information. The shop had a problem – they had over twenty years of records for their customers, but it was all on paper forms in a back office storage room. Preparing a single report would have taken days!

We worked with the repair shop to create a custom solution to manage the whole process – from dispatching a replacement pump through sending an invoice. As repair techs work, they record the repair in the system; the system tracks everything in detail and applies relevant discounts, calculates the invoice and imports accounting data straight to QuickBooks. Most importantly, the system provides their customers (those oil tycoons) online access to their pump history and reporting dashboards to summarize every repair they have made. The repair shop and their customers are benefitting every day from the power of custom software.

That sounds like “big data” – is it really a big deal?
Big data means analyzing all of your records over time and spotting trends you would otherwise miss. Trends are often unexpected or even seem illogical. My favorite example is from the US department store, Target. They used data analysis to identify women in their first and second trimester of pregnancy (long before they had spread the word) based exclusively on what they buy. The items were simple things like unscented lotion, vitamin supplements, etc. They would then send these shoppers coupons for cribs, maternity wear, bottles, and other baby products and make them lifetime Target customers. Target’s revenue went up from $44 billion to $67 billion during the time they conducted this research.

How can custom software actually save money?
The math is simple: a $12 per hour administrator working 40 hours a week costs $23,040 / yr + taxes. If you have an employee doing all the data entry, analysis, and process management that means you spend over  $23,000 / yr and you get no long term gain.

Custom software cuts out repetitive grunt work. As soon as you implement an effective solution, you can cut those 40 hours in half, saving almost $12,000. Of course, it goes far beyond that simple savings, because the right software helps you run your company easily, make big decisions more easily, and increase your profits.

Soris Software sounds like a fascinating company – how did it begin?
I was always fascinated by computers. From a very early age, I loved using technology to solve problems.  Before I got married, I started working for a company in America writing software; many years later, they set me up with my first major client.  Before long I opened Soris Software to continue creating great software!  B”H we have been able to service a large number of satisfied customers. And once they see the effect we have on their business, companies come back for more!

What are you currently working on?
One exciting project right now is working with a large network of seminaries to revamp the entire software system they use to manage all of the seminaries, students, and donors.. We work with companies of all sizes, ranging from a sleep away summer camp, to fixed asset auditing, to major industry corporations.

How can I learn more about custom software?

Check out our website at or call us for a free consultation.


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