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Stressful Times

We are living in stressful times and it can be difficult to carry on as usual. Some of us seem to deal with stress easily but some of us don’t. When additional external stresses are brought into our lives, we can verge near to breaking point.
Can we ease our stress? The answer is a definite YES! The following tips are simple exercises I have worked on with some of my clients. You can practice them on your own, but if you feel that stress and anxiety is affecting your daily functioning, please contact me or seek some professional help:

1. Deep breathing – my favorite de-stresser. When we begin to feel anxious our breathing becomes faster and shallower. Therefore, all relaxation exercises include deep breathing. Try and stop everything you are doing. Close your eyes. Sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, and take some deep, slow breaths. Soon your body will begin to relax. Practice deep breathing when you are not stressed so that you can train your body to relax, when you are.

2. Guided Imagery – Take an imaginary journey in your mind. Go to somewhere distant and relaxing, like a forest. Imagine the sun shining through the trees, the birds chirping in the distance, the breeze blowing the leaves and water flowing from a stream. Guided imagery can be really effective, especially when accompanied by a relaxation cd.

3. Exercise is a natural stress buster and anxiety reliever. Research shows that as little as thirty minutes of exercise, three to five times a week can provide anxiety relief. It is important to set aside exercise time in your week, but even putting on some music and dancing with your children can really change your mood.

4. Nature – Go outside. Gaze at the sky, sit among the trees, look at the flowers and listen to the birds. Nature can really help to reduce stress.

5. Being Thankful – We often focus on what we don’t have and what we want. That’s stressful. But, when we think about and are grateful for of all the wonderful things that we do have, eg. our spouse, children, parents, friends, the home we have, the neighborhood we live in, etc, then we shift our focus from our worries to our joy. Just saying,”thank you” relieves our stress and makes us feel better.
These are just a few tips of how to reduce stress in your life. May we all enjoy a more peaceful and stress free time very soon!

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