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Suffering from Insomnia?

You are not alone. An Israeli survey comprising 500 Israelis reveals that 41% of participants suffer from insomnia, while 8% use the aid of sleep remedies. Many studies have proven the fact that sleep on a healthy and high-quality mattress enables better and sounder sleep, which results in optimum functioning in the daytime.

The importance of good sleep

Many studies about sleep suggest that sleep is not a luxury but a basic necessity. It comprises about a third of our lives, and when it is good and qualitative, it improves our mood, our efficiency and our functioning throughout the entire day as well as influencing our quality of life and even reduces wrinkles.

The bedroom

Planning our sleep environment and choosing the bed and mattress are important factors. The bedroom is the private domain in the home and has to be designed in a way to ensure relaxation, pleasantness and tranquility. The bed should be attractive, comfortable and should provide the ultimate sleeping experience with a superior mattress.

What feeling needs to be taken care of in order for one to sleep well?

Seventy percent of adults suffer from lack of sleep and 42% regularly suffer from insomnia. To prevent this it would be worthwhile to choose a comfortable, soft mattress that is not too hard, but at the same time ensures full support for the spine.

Why replace a mattress every 10 years?

Our body structure changes with age, which makes it necessary to change the mattress. In addition, new technological developments contribute to improving the sleep experience. Leading companies such as Simmons, Sealy, Aminach and King Koil make use of the latest innovative technologies, advanced raw materials, and improvement of their products, enabling their customers to sleep better.

What are the bestselling mattresses in the U.S.A.?

The American magazine “BedTimes”, which is the leading professional magazine of its kind on the subject of mattresses, released a comprehensive mattress study. Its findings were conclusive: Ninety-two percent of Americans purchase spring mattresses, while only eight percent purchase latex and polyurethane mattresses. Simmons, which began producing mattresses in the year 1825, is the pioneer in spring mattress production.
Beautyrest—Simmons’ exclusive patent

Research done in the Simmons sleep laboratories revealed that while sleeping we roll over in bed about 40-60 times, which diminishes the quality of sleep. Good quality sleep means a small amount of rolling over at night. The Simmons Beautyrest mattress enables adults, children and teenagers to receive the support they need. The mattress perfectly supports all parts of the body by means of the innovative Beautyrest technology, which adapts to body weight and allows for comfortable and healthy sleep.

What about allergies?

The cause of the majority of allergies is the dust mite, a microscopic organism that feeds on skin cells which are shed from our bodies during sleep and which reproduces in warm, moist environments. In recent years more and more people are suffering from dust mite allergies and therefore the above-mentioned companies are strict about using anti-allergy fabric that prevents its development.

And so we wish you nothing but good, beneficial and healthy sleep on a good and healthy mattress.

World famous Simmons proves that its Beautyrest (pocketed coil) mattresses rise to the challenge of good, healthy and qualitative sleep, which gives consumers a healthier and better way of life as well as a product that has the durability to last many years. If we add the layer of latex (produced by the fabulous British manufacturer Dunlopillo) or the layer of NG Visco, which provides additional support and amazing comfort, there’s no doubt that tonight you will sleep better and much healthier.

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