Summer Sun: Skin Care and Zero Hair 

 By Debbie Wolf


 Now that school is on summer break and stores are already holding their first sales of the season, women all over Israel are preparing their skin for Israel’s Mediterranean climate with its soaring temperatures, thick humid air and inevitable sun exposure. In summer, women pay special attention to their skin, but not only for its protection. Many women’s annual summer skincare regimen also includes hair removal. 


Hair removal is a subject that occupies much of women’s waking hours. Not all women, but enough to make it a necessary and lucrative industry. Time-consuming and uncomfortable procedures—like painful waxing, frequent shaving and messy chemical depilatories—are now a thing of the past. Electrolysis, which involves inserting a tiny electric needle into each follicle, is effective but unpleasant and tedious work.  


Laser hair removal—when performed correctly—is highly effective and considerably less agonizing. Laser technology is the newest technique on the market and is today’s preferred alternative, treating unwanted hair at its source inside the hair follicle, neutralizing the root and preventing regrowth. Constant technological advancements in laser hair removal make it possible to obtain permanently hair-free skin after just a few treatments. 


Today, permanent hair removal is generally performed using two light technologies, laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), through absorption of light energy. Both methods harness the power of light to heat hair follicles without damaging the skin. Regular laser hair removal uses a highly-focused light wave. IPL, in contrast, requires more precision since it distributes the light energy over a wider wave, but facilitates more effective, permanent hair removal by destroying the hair at the root. It sounds very scientific but it’s actually a simple mechanism. Think of the difference between walking barefoot under a blazing sun on light-colored sand or on dark-colored asphalt. Dark colors absorb light energy, while light colors reflect it; and energy is converted to heat when it’s absorbed. In the same way, dark-colored hair absorbs more energy from the laser in contrast to the light skin that surrounds it. 

In the past IPL was cheaper and therefore more popular, but in recent years top-class clinics  are using only lasers to treat their clients as the results are much quicker and far more effective.  


The concept of using heat on skin might not seem like a very attractive proposition, especially since the ozone crisis at the end of the twentieth century when the dangers of sun exposure and tanning beds came to light. But light technologies used today for hair removal are more advanced, more effective and more precise, and have been tested over the course of decades and are perfectly safe and radiation-free.  


In some cases, the effectiveness of the light absorption mechanism on fair hair or very dark skin is limited. However, laser technology works by using light beams of varying wavelengths, and a skilled cosmetician with the right technology can adjust the wavelength to suit both hair and skin color. Debbie Wolf clinics use Y.A.G technology, specially developed for treating dark skin, in all laser hair removal treatments performed at their clinics. Clients of all skin colors are thrilled with the results. Debbie Wolf clinics also use cryogen gas to cool the treated area of skin, which, while increasing the cost, allows an increase in the intensity of the laser to achieve optimum results and a shorter treatment timeframe. 


If a treatment is imprecise and the temperature is too low, it can actually have the opposite of the desired effect, and cause increased hair growth! That’s why it’s very important to choose a skilled and experienced cosmetician who works under medical supervision. (The Ministry of Health requires all laser treatments—as opposed to IPL—to be carried out under medical supervision.) Debbie Wolf uses only the most cutting-edge laser machines which can only be found in Israeli hospitals and Debbie Wolf clinics. All staff are required to have official certification and professional experience and must undergo training for the clinics’ state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The department also has a dedicated in-house dermatologist who supervises all hair removal treatments. 


Laser hair removal might sound like the miracle all women have been waiting for. And in a sense, it is. But while the technology is able to permanently destroy all active hair follicles, there may be inactive follicles that haven’t yet grown hair, and laser treatment will not be effective on those follicles. It’s possible that inactive follicles will become active and start growing hair despite treatment. However, the vast majority of clients achieve excellent and permanent results. 



The Debbie Wolf Institute of Aesthetic Medicine offers a full range of aesthetic services including cutting-edge laser treatments, professional medical consultations, and a line of high-quality, affordable cosmetic products. The Institute is currently operating through three branches (in Bnei Brak, Kiryat Sefer and Jerusalem), and is hoping to expand to more locations in the near future. 


The Institute can be reached at 1-700-500-401 or online:  

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