Dr. Sara Genstil- Psychologist

A System for Building Yourself and Your Surroundings

Dr. Sara Genstil, PhD, is a seasoned psychologist with over 35 years of clinical experience. Equipped with a BA and MA in Social Work from University of Southern California and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the California Graduate Institute, Dr. Genstil provides counseling for individuals, couples and families. She has experience working with clients both privately and through organizations such as The Ministry of Defense and National Insurance, working with terror victims and their bereaved families.  Dr. Genstil is a member and presenter for the International Association for Psychoanalytic Self- Psychology.

Whether it’s depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosomatic illness, relationship difficulties, or trauma, Dr. Genstil understands how to target challenges at their roots in order to facilitate authentic change and healing.

Dr. Genstil is an expert in Intersubjective Systems Theory and utilizes it to bring about the change and healing that is a hallmark of her practice. Under the tutelage and post-doctoral training of Dr. Robert Stolorow, the world’s leading authority in the Intersubjective Systems approach, Dr. Genstil acquired the experience and depth necessary to bring to life this most powerful tool for change.

Let’s take a closer look at this approach and how it works.

Based on the notion that if one part of a system changes, the entire system changes as a result, Intersubjective Systems can be applied to individual, family, couple and even teacher-student dynamics. This approach posits that a healthy system can only be established by each individual examining themselves and their behavior within the context of the greater environment, the greater “system.”

But how do you “examine” yourself?

Here, you are asked to look at your perception of the world based on life experiences and see whether or not these perceptions hinder or help your development, your happiness, your quality of life….

In Intersubjective talk, this is called “organizing principles”.

“I am stupid. I am not worthy. I am incompetent.”  These are examples of destructive “organizing principles”. These are the perceptions that leave you stuck, and leave your system – your family life, your relationships, your professional world – stuck.

During the course of treatment, Dr. Genstil, partners with you – honing in and identifying perceptions and principles that have left you trapped and unable to proceed forward towards healthy living.

This begins the process of becoming self-aware. Once these false perceptions or organizing principles are discovered, Dr. Genstil encourages clients to take responsibility for their actions, for their “principles” and for their change. Remember, once part of a “system” changes, the entire system will follow suit.

As you acknowledge that which has hindered your life force, your authentic self, you will shift, and so will the system to which you belong. You will have an effect on your intimate relationships, your parenting, your community. Your true self will emerge.

Dr. Genstil’s approach has been effective for all types of challenges. Whether for acute trauma, or chronic unhappiness, the Intersubjective Systems Theory has been proven to work and garner results.

Dr. Genstil works with both individuals and couples and families.

If you are interested in the opportunity to leave behind old perceptions of yourself, and create new ones that will benefit both you and your family, career and community, then look no further.

Dr. Genstil can be reached at 052-260-9087.


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