Take a Seat: Straight Talk on Dining Chairs 

In religious homes, no furniture is arguably more important than the dining room set. As the site of countless Shabbat and Chag meals, family gatherings and inter-generational chess and checkers tournaments, it is the site of treasured times and fond memories.    

But with all the use we get out of our dining room furniture, chances are it takes a beating, especially the chairs. One day they are solid as a rock, steadier than a neurosurgeon’s hand, and the next day they are wobbly, shaky and in danger of collapsing under the generous weight of Aunt Mushky.  

Before that happens (chas v’challilah!) there are steps you can take to ensure you never reach the point where your guests are just seconds away from finding themselves on the floor. 

First and foremost, according to David Shafner of the Furniture Doctor, who has been expertly repairing furniture for over 40 years, it is worth it to invest in very good quality chairs to begin with. “Furniture today is not made with the same workmanship and quality materials as furniture that was made in America from the 50s to the 80s”, says Shafner.   

If you are in the market for new dining room chairs, do some research to see if you can find second-hand chairs from those decades for sale in Israel, even if they seem too expensive. 

With chairs of much lesser quality costing upwards of 1,000 shekels each, and lasting just a couple of years, it makes perfect sense to invest more now and save money in the long run. 

If you (or a friend/family member) are making Aliyah, and you are lucky to have, or are in the position to buy, good quality furniture from famed American manufacturers like Thomasville, Drexel Heritage or Henredon, make sure you bring it with you, even if you think it might be too big for a smaller Israeli dwelling.  

Even if your good quality chairs eventually do suffer from loosening joints or breakage, it is worth it to have them expertly repaired so they can last countless more years. Shafner’s own dining room chairs have been with him for over 42 years! 

“I like comparing good furniture to good cars. You don’t get rid of a Bentley or a Rolls because they need work”, says Shafner, “The same goes with quality furniture: if it was worth investing in, it’s worth repairing properly.” 

Shafner relates he has met many people who have superior quality furniture sitting in their machsan collecting dust because it needs repair. In desperation, they will sometimes resort to selling it for a tiny fraction of what is worth because they need the room. 

“These people are sitting on a gold mine and they don’t even realize it.” says Shafner. “If they were to invest in having us fix the furniture, they could sell it for thousands of shekels more,” he continues, “especially when the potential buyers find out the furniture repairs come with a lifetime warranty!” 

Considering his unmatched workmanship and top-quality proprietary super-glue, Shafner feels entirely confident offering his unmatched lifetime warranty on all his gluing repairs. “People are completely flabbergasted when they learn we offer a lifetime warranty on our repairs, no one offers that on anything, they say.” 

During his years of tenure, Shafner has fixed over 90,000 chairs all over Israel. “We have so many satisfied customers,” says Shafner, “that if someone wants a reference when contemplating having us repair their furniture, chances are we can give them the name of one of their very own friends or neighbors!”   

But offering an impressive warranty on their repairs, valid for the life of the furniture, no matter who owns it, is not the only thing that sets Shafner apart. The Furniture Doctor also keep meticulous records on every piece of furniture they fix. The repaired chairs are numbered and signed, and the customer is given a graph describing exactly what was fixed on each chair and the date of the repairs. 

Buying the right furniture and taking good care of it is essential if you want to own it for a long time. Any breakage or loosening on your chairs should be taken care of as soon as you notice it. After all, if you provide good support for your chairs, they will provide good support back, hopefully for many, many comfortable and spill-free years to come! 


The Furniture Doctor restores, repairs and refurbishes furniture all across Israel.

For more information and to find out more about their lifetime warranty, contact David Shafner at 02-999-2418 or at furndoc@gmail.com




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