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Ten Tips for Hiring a Painter

You have finally decided that it is time to paint your home. Painting is one of the most economical ways to transform your home and achieve a dramatic new look. The following tips will help you find the right painting contractor for you.

1) Ask friends, neighbors and relatives for recommendations. It is always better to hear from people you know and trust that they were happy with the painters they used. Hearing firsthand of how the project went is far better than just calling from an advertisement.

2) Define what you want painted and get comparative quotes. It is very important to go around your home with a painter and look at each and every room to decide what you want painted. Some rooms may have a ceiling in great shape, with no need to paint it. Sometimes a room has a wooden door and windows that need painting. It is critical to have the painter give a detailed estimate, this way there will be no surprise expenses at the end. Without a detailed estimate you can expect such unpleasant surprises, and it is advisable to stay away from contractors who do not provide a detailed and itemized estimate.

3) Make sure your painter is insured. There have been numerous cases of painters being hurt in people’s homes where they were not insured, and ended up suing the home owner. Any professional painter will have the appropriate insurance.

4) Have the painter provide references. Ideally a painter should have already been in business at least several years, and should be able to provide references of satisfied customers in your area. Upon receiving these references, follow up and call these people. It is very important to hear from others how the work was done, and how it is holding up. If you do not get positive reports from these references then you certainly should look elsewhere.

5) Have the painter explain the painting process to you. Are you going to be able to sleep in the room the same night it was painted? Are they going to work all over the house at once, or work on one room at a time? How many people will be working? How are floors covered and your furniture protected? It is important that these and similar questions are all answered to your satisfaction.

6) Discuss the quality of the paint and the preparation process. There are many shortcuts that can be taken when undertaking a paint job. If you want a high quality paint job that will last, then shortcuts cannot be taken. Make sure the painters invest a significant part of the day in the prep stage. If a painter is ready to start painting right away, you can expect an inferior job that will not last.

7) If you have any special needs, make sure they are being addressed. For example, if you are painting a newly constructed home, it is important to prime first. Skipping the priming step will cause the walls to peel prematurely. If there is a mold problem, special anti-mold paint needs to be applied to ensure that the mold with not recur even in the coldest and rainiest winter days.

8) Timing is very important in a paint job. You want someone to come in, start the work with a team and continue working until they are done. You don’t want painters to come in, begin working on your project, and then leave you in the middle to start another project somewhere else –  a cause of great frustration to customers. This is another reason it is crucial to check references, ensuring you choose an honest and reliable painter.

9) Warranty is also important. If you are paying extra for anti-mold paint or for a pergola paint with UV protection, the painter should warranty his work. A painter should come back and take care of touchups if a leak caused damage to his work. It is important that the painter keep accurate records, so he knows what colors were used if repairs are needed. Ideally, a painter should leave a jar of spare paint for touchups for each color.

10) Feel free to call Walls R Us Painting for a free in-house estimate. We are certain we will meet and exceed your expectations, making your painting experience as pleasant as possible.


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