The Micro and Macro


By: Meryl Cohen

When I observe the world around me, I cannot help but intuitively understand that the variations of nature reflect God’s ability to create an infinitely varied world, where no design is repeated exactly. The concept of an infinite God creating an infinite number of ways to see beauty in the world animates my art. In particular, the fusion of fabric and paint in my art allows me to see the world in patterns as well as in a textured and multi-dimensional way; my work is not flat but round.

Seeing is not our only way to capture the beauty of trees. I remember visiting the giant sequoias in California. High-definition television cannot capture the awe that I felt. We can feel trees and smell them. Did you know the sequoia has spongy bark? Oh, and we can taste trees, too: lemons, mangoes and tangerines. Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is exactly right: Trees give shade and lumber and fruit and beauty.

I paint pictures of parts of objects: trees, flowers and even cars. The micro view fascinates me because it reflects the macro world. Indeed, texture and pattern are visible in all of Hashem’s creations. It is my hope that the viewer will see both the micro and macro view of the world, observing nature in all of its divine beauty and detail.


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