The Sky’s The Limit at Sky Gym

Personalized regiments, dedicated trainers and a holistic approach make getting in shape and leading a healthier lifestyle no sweat. 

Welcome to Sky Gym, a boutique workout venue in Jerusalem’s Talpiot neighborhood that specializes in personal fitness training.  

Established by Meny and Lia Elbaz, a couple who’ve spent years studying the world of fitness and motivation and implementing this knowledge for more than 16 years,  Sky Gym is a fully equipped fitness center, with all the weights, machines and gear you could possibly dream of. Yet, what truly sets this gym apart from the pack is its club-like nature: everyone who comes to train does so together with his or her own designated personal trainer, receiving individualized attention regardless of how many training sessions are going on simultaneously.  From the initial fitness assessment through fun, personalized, high-intensity training sessions, at Sky Gym, your journey to a healthier, more active and engaged lifestyle is limited only by the sky above and your drive to thrive. 

A holistic approach to fitness 

Some fitness centers pride themselves on physical results, on building the body, sculpting it into a vision to behold. At Sky Gym, while trainees can work towards achieving the physique of their dreams, the real goal is far greater and all-encompassing. Here, the emphasis is primarily placed on living a healthy life, through a combination of physical activity, proper nutrition and the balancing of body, mind and soul. 

“We have found that in order to achieve maximum results, we must integrate all elements relating to physical fitness,” Lia says, highlighting the gym’s holistic fitness approach. “From strength training, flexibility training and aerobics to healthy lifestyle education, including providing nutritional guidance and ensuring our trainees drink enough water and get quality sleep, we cover it all.” That they do, raising the bar of success by approaching fitness, health and wellbeing with a positive attitude. “It’s the combination of hard work and self-love and acceptance that we push for, that ultimately leads to the amazing results we see our trainees achieve,” she adds.  

“What is most important to us is that our trainees believe that they can succeed,” Meny interjects. “Achieving self-confidence and self-efficacy is an even bigger win than their meeting technical goals.” 

The next generation of fitness centers 

When asked why establish a “personal training club,” as opposed to opening a regular gym simply staffed with great certified personal trainers, Meni explains, “As members of the fitness profession, we are constantly learning and acquiring new ways to enrich our toolset. While working in various fitness centers, Lia and I identified that out of all the individuals hitting the gym, those who engaged in personal training sessions were those who stuck with their regiments over time, ultimately achieving desired results.” Conversely, those working out on their own were likely to quit the gym within three months’ time, he adds. 

It is the close, intimate coaching, encouragement and correcting of improper training techniques that motivate trainees to keep at it—and what the Elbaz’s believe will serve as the catalyst for a new and exciting approach to the running of fitness centers, with Sky Gym leading the way. 

Personalized care, throughout the fitness journey 

Trainees new to Sky Gym are privy to a comprehensive intake session, during which they undergo a physical examination (of muscle, fat, fluids, etc.), discuss their medical and fitness history, set personal goals and bring up general preferences. Taking all this into account, Meny creates a custom program that includes personalized fitness regimes and nutritional recommendations. And while trainers do end up managing up to three trainees at once—each engaged in their own tailored, goal-oriented program—the environment during workouts remains highly intimate, so trainees feel as if they are working out one-on-one. Sky Gym’s team of highly experienced professional personal trainers explain exercises, demonstrate how to use the equipment and coach each trainee, without missing a beat. And if for some reason a training session is skipped or cancelled or not scheduled, a phone call is always made, making sure the trainee is all right and hasn’t lost his motivation.  

At Sky Gym, the trainers truly love what they do, believe in and live the healthy lifestyle they coach towards, and truly care about each and every individual they train. 

About Sky Gym 

Sky Gym has been operating for nearly seven years.  In addition to the gym, they have just opened a studio with classes of up to 12 people, preserving the personal touch. The studio classes offered include uniquely developed, innovative classes with special equipment, traditional classes such as yoga and zumba, and more spiritual classes such as meditation and free dance. 

For more information, visit, check out their Facebook page:, or stop in at Haparsa 3, Talpiot, Jerusalem (Rav Hen Mall). 02-5335220. 

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