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Interview with Rivka Rischall of Framed Reflections Photography

Why photography?

I’m passionate about photography! I adore working with families and children and the best part is helping to create priceless memories for families to cherish (in the form of a photo).

What inspired you to enter the field?

It started with food – food styling and food photography. And then my niece was born and I decided to give newborn photography a try, and I loved every aspect of it. By now I was ready to take my hobby a bit more seriously and I took a basic and advanced course at the Jerusalem School of Photography and had the opportunity to learn under the renowned wedding photographer Shmuel Diamond. All along the way I had been building my skill set in graphics and the technical side of photography in Adobe programs.

How would you define your style?

Classic yet modern. I always make sure to get the usual expected shots, but I like to keep up with the latest trends and make every session something special and unique. My primary goal is to always let my subject shine.

Is photography art or technique to you?

It’s definitely an equal combination of the two! The art is the atmosphere that is infused into each picture—the background, the pose, the composition, and the feeling you create with the picture. The technical side has to do with the complexity of the equipment and how best to utilize it as well as today’s requirement of using various computer programs to bring out the best in every photograph.

How has the use of photograph editing programs influenced the field in general and your work in particular?

A good photographer has to take great photos first and then she can make them stellar with good editing. I’m careful about using the word “Photoshop” because some clients are worried about changing features and giving photos an unnatural look. That’s not what I do. I work with my clients to choose the best photos before editing and then work on those to enhance the positive aspects of photos that we both already like.

What inspires you when you take pictures?

The outdoors and children’s constant joy makes me want to take more pictures!

What’s the key to really capturing the moment so it will be remembered forever?

Interactions. If you sit down, smile, and leave, it wouldn’t be memorable. So I always try to get the family to interact with each other and have a good time. The kids’ mood reflects the parents’ mood, so parents should try to be cheerful and relaxed, and make sure the child is well-rested and not hungry. Then this memorable experience is captured as a timeless keepsake for generations.

How do you work with impatient children?

I start with the most important photos first. Then I can allow them the space to run, jump, play and be active; going with their flow lets me capture great action shots with lots of personality. Sometimes letting go of a few of the details in a posed photo allows the kids to feel more comfortable at the photo shoot and then the photos look relaxed and natural. Compliments are also a great way to boost a child’s confidence and give them the energy to keep going.

Contact me for any questions, to view samples of my work or to set up an appointment at my studio in Ramat Beit Shemesh or at your location in the Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh area. I can’t wait to meet you!

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