Tzvi Air Sets Higher Standards for Air Conditioning & Heating in New Residential Projects

Exclusive interview with Tzvi Lefkowitz, founder of Tzvi Air


How did you feel going from being a successful New York contractor working in large projects to starting small again as a one-man show after your Aliyah?

In NewYork City, my projects included remodeling and building custom houses, with my biggest project being to build a 32-unit condominium.

Returning to Israel in 2011, I didn’t know the Israeli market and wasn’t sure which field I should concentrate on. I had to explore my options and find my niche. After a year, I started focusing more and more on air-conditioning repairs and service. When I had a client whose air conditioner couldn’t be fixed, it naturally led me to install new units. Thanks to my experience as a contractor, as someone who can view the home as a whole, I was able to take into consideration not only air conditioning specifications but also the space requirements, drywall and lighting designs needed to deliver optimal comfort and beauty.


In short, we have to pay the price of settling the Land. I decided to be humble, start from the bottom and, from there, to conquer gradually.


What successful strategy propelled you back to working on large projects?


My goal from day one was to become big again. The key to success is to start with the final goal in mind. The principles of success are the same in every place. You need to conceive what you want to accomplish and then build the right strategy with the right tools available to you. Some of the important elements in my strategy were to be ready to work harder than anyone else, ensure absolute client satisfaction, advertise in the right media and reinvest in my business. Most important, surround myself with the right personnel.


This is how I transitioned from small to medium and, finally, to larger projects, ensuring along the way that I had the proper infrastructure to deliver impeccably in every job.


Speaking of large projects, you were awarded the contract for the entire air conditioning and heating systems installation in one of the most iconic multi-residential projects in the region.


Yes. And this is exactly where we wanted to be. We put in the hard work and made the right decisions during the last five years, in order to get to where we are today.


On what basis were you were selected as the exclusive air conditioning and heating systems contractor for Ganei Haela from among so many other qualified vendors?


Our company values. We have a tradition of providing professional installations and prompt and expert repairs and maintenance services. We only offer the highest quality products according to the specific needs of our clients. We consider ourselves the experts and we provide our clients with the utmost in customer care and satisfaction — all at fair prices. The demand for our services is the result of applying this philosophy.


The Ganei Haela management has been watching our growth and client satisfaction record for the last four years. They have an exclusive clientele who appreciates beauty, quality and service. They needed someone who knows the community and who is already trusted by their clients to provide the high-end service they expect. In addition, they needed a professional team that has the right infrastructure and the necessary connections in the industry in order to secure the delivery of the equipment and materials. Most critically, they needed someone they could trust.


How is this project different than most multi-residential projects?


Most residential projects offer an unfinished structure in which to install a central unit system. The new owner is essentially left on his own and is highly limited in terms of potential options. The Ganei Haela project, in contrast, allows each homeowner to customize their A/C system according to their needs and wants without any restriction in terms of product brand, type of equipment or specifications. Each job is planned to perfectly fit each particular family.


How do you plan to manage the logistics of this complexity in terms of product selection, personnel and materials?


This is where my experience in the construction industry in general, and in the air conditioning industry in particular, plays a major role. Our team of experienced installers, a fleet of service vehicles and strong connections with suppliers and manufactures are the key to deliver the expected service and ensure client satisfaction.


What type of warranty do you offer for this type of project?


The property owners are fully covered by a combination of the warranties provided by the builder, our company and the product manufacturers.


Where do you plan to concentrate your efforts?


We will continue with our plans to grow based on the same principles that took us to where we are today: hard work and commitment to excellence in all areas – especially in that of client satisfaction.


Are the days of calling Tzvi Air to install individual units at private homes a thing of the past?


No. This is what put us on the map. By employing enough technicians in the company, we are able to accommodate customers who need technical services such as air-conditioning repairs or installations of small and full house systems.

What’s next?

The plan is to deliver this project beyond the client’s expectations and continue to secure contracts with other multi-residential projects. This project is simply the stepping stone we need to continue to grow and expand our company. We are looking forward to see where this leads, one day at a time.

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