Too Much Sitting Can Be Deadly


Despite our usual work habits, sitting for hours upon hours is not intuitive for human beings. Being at an office, sitting at a desk for almost a third of the day is hardly natural behavior. Our bodies were designed to do the type of work we carried out throughout history. We created things while standing, worked in the fields, worked standing in stores. Then, in the late 18th century work habits changed forever.

With the onset of the industrial revolution, more and more people began to work in office jobs, moving away from outdoor and physical activity, gradually transitioning to a lifestyle we now know: completely attached to our chairs. If we are not sitting at work, we are sitting in the car, in our house, in front of the television, etc. People are sitting at every possible moment, and this is causing a deterioration in the human condition, whose consequences have already begun to show.

Epidemic of the 21st Century – Sitting

Science is starting to comprehend and tackle the seriousness of this change. According to the Mayo Clinic Research Center, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are all illnesses caused by too much daily sitting. Physical activity, even if it is light walking or stretching, is critical to balancing hormonal activity in the body, enhance insulin activity and decrease the amount of fat in the blood. None of this can happen while sitting.

One important study followed 123,000 American working men and women during a 14-year period and found that in the group of women that sat more than six hours a day, a staggering 40% were likely to die during the duration of the study. Men fared slightly better, with 20% projected not to live out the research period. For such a passive activity, the outcomes are remarkably fatal.

A New Way of Working – Sitting and Standing

Another major daily repercussion of so much sitting is back pain. Once an issue for the frail, it is appearing earlier and earlier among larger segments of the population. Gary Arenson, a South African physiotherapist and entrepreneur in the field of ergonomics, explains, “More than 80% of people will suffer from back pains at some point in their life, and we aren’t only talking about elderly people.” He continues, “Already people in their 30s who work at an office job are looking for solutions to their back problems, and it is only becoming more widespread.”

Seeing of the need for a hybrid solution combining activity with work, Arenson, along with his partner, Izzy Zimmerman, acquired the rights to market the American company ‘Varidesk’ in Israel and South Africa.  “We found the easiest way to have a sit-stand workstation without having to replace the desk, the work area or to move into different offices.” Varidesk, an internationally respected office desk solution, gets people out of their seats.

“We are happy that our customers in Israel no longer have to order the Varidesk from America, as they have been until now, removing the difficulties of high shipping costs, complicated shipping process and frustrations with the tax authority here in Israel,” Zimmerman noted.

The product, which is being sold to the Israeli market on the internet (, offers American quality service: door to door delivery, all taxes included in the price, as well as 30-day money back guarantee. The phenomenon of standing while working has caught on in offices, co-working spaces, factories, schools and universities, where students and employees are being encouraged to stand during work or classes.

This is not just a health issue: A Texas study found a 46% increase in work productivity when using a standing desk. The advantages of Varidesk are clear: simple workstations; no need to replace the old desk; no installation process; easy transportation, and increased productivity.

The pain is gone

Employees who use the Varidesk have said that they feel a significant change in their life. For some, their back pains are either significantly reduced or have completely disappeared, and they have increased energy at work. Suddenly, it is not necessary to walk around the office in order to stretch, instead, workers are standing while they are working, and when they need a rest, they can easily transition their Varidesk to a sitting position in just three seconds.

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